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How to Fix Truck Sat Nav to Dashboard

How to Fix Truck Sat Nav to Dashboard

Firstly a truck sat nav is an essential device for modern day trucking, used in conjunction with a map and route planning it can aid the driver to navigate to a destination safely, a sat nav comes with a windscreen mount so why would you need to now how to fix your truck sat nav to the dashboard?

Recently the DVSA have had a surge on items obstructing your view by means of windscreen mounted devices, Truck sat navs can be as large as 9 inches wide so it is understandable that the DVSA are concerned that filling your windscreen with items such as a Sat Nav, Dash Cam, Phone Holder, Drinks Holder could easily be a recipe for disaster.

Fixing a truck sat Nav to your dashboard can be a very straight-forward thing to achieve and there are some great products available to help you do this.

Bean Bag Dash Mount

The Bean Bag Dash Mount is a basic solution that can be placed easily where you want to position your truck sat nav, simply fix your suction cup to the flat disc in the centre and place the weighted Bean Bag mount easily to your dashboard.

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None Slip Clip Mount for securing GPS

A popular and cool mount for your truck dashboard is the clip mount, this features a stylish Crocodile clip and has a weighted friction base so it will not move when positioned on a flat surface of the dash.

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CD Slot Truck Sat Nav Mount

The CD Slot Mount was designed to be used with a phone or tablet, but this can easily be used to mount a GPS Device, so if you are more of a radio person and don’t often listen to CD’s this is a perfect option for mounting your truck sat nav onto your dash.

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Benefits of Mounting a Truck Sat Nav on the Dashboard

Below I have listed some of the benefits of mounting a truck sat nav onto the dashboard instead of the windscreen of your truck.

  • Easier to See the screen
  • Less chance of sun glare
  • Audio closer to the driver
  • touchscreen closer to driver
  • Easier to read navigation text

Apart from the reasons listed above the methods of mounting a sat nav device to your dashboard also make moving your sat nav easier, less chance of being stopped by the DVSA for cluttered windscreen, and less back ache trying to get your truck sat nav to secure to the windscreen.

How many times have we placed our sat nav onto the windscreen only for it to fall off onto the dashboard 5 minutes up the road!

I hope you found this article “How to Fix Truck Sat Nav to Dashboard” useful I would love to hear your comments below about how you secure your sat nav in the truck.

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