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TomTom Go Professional Truck Sat Nav GPS

TomTom Go Professional truck sat nav

The TomTom Go Professional Truck Sat Nav is my First Choice option for large vehicle navigation providing the most efficient GPS System for safety and ease of use.

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Firstly lets imagine truck driving on roads in the 21st century without the aid of a Truck Sat Nav, it would be a very daunting way to drive a large vehicle with any kind of safety to yourself, your vehicle or other road users.

Many older work colleagues will undoubtedly harp on about back in there day it was easy to get from A to B by simply using a map book, on modern roads it is essential to have three things to help you navigate a large vehicle to reach a destination safely and in good time.

  • Dedicated Truck Sat Nav
  • Road Atlas or street map
  • Common Sense
  1. A dedicated Truck Sat Nav is a tool for truck drivers to navigate roads safely, the sat nav will have options that you can customise for use with your vehicle by entering information Height, Width, Length and Weight .
  2. The road atlas or street map book is also important to have with you it will help you to determine terrain and obstacles you may encounter on your journey such as mountainous areas allowing you to navigate in some cases a better route, also if you have a Sat Nav failure such as a lead break you have a back up option to reach your destination.
  3. Common Sense is essential as many things can change on your journey such as diversions, roads closed and more, a Truck Sat Nav will navigate you via its maps but concentrating on the road is important making sure you follow road signs correctly (don’t rely 100% on your Sat Nav stay in control)
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