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Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera Product Review

Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera Product Review

Truck drivers often want a dashcam to record their journey, in this article we review the Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera for recording a trucker’s journey.

What is an Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera?

The Apeman Mini Dash Cam is the perfect dash cam for anyone who wants to record their driving and have peace of mind in case they are involved in an accident. It records at 1080p Full HD with a 170° wide-angle lens, so you can see everything that is going on outside the windscreen of your truck. The Apeman Mini also has night vision mode, motion detection, parking monitoring, and G-sensor.

Unboxing The Apeman Mini C420 Dash Cam

The Apeman Mini comes professionally boxed and even though it is a small device it feels like it has a good build quality.

Inside the box, it comes with a detailed user manual, a power supply cable that is long in length with a quality outer cable that looks like it will last for a long time, the plug is also angled to plug into the dashcam which makes it a secure fit, also inside the box is a computer data cable which allows data to be transferred to a PC or Mac without removing the SD card each time, plus there is a small tool which fits into a hole of the dashcam for a full reset of the unit.

The dashcam comes with a windscreen sucker mount that looks fairly basic but considering it is a budget-priced vehicle dash cam it will certainly work when mounting the camera.

Features of the Apeman Mini Dash Cam

1080P Full HD Recording

The Apeman mini C420 Dash Camera has a high-end video processor that records at 30 frames per second in 1080P resolution, which means it will capture every detail of your journey and vital footage if an accident should occur.

Super Night Vision

With Apeman’s advanced sensor, the f/1.8 large aperture gives the device a wide dynamic range, this enables the dashcam to record high-quality video footage even in low light.

170° Wide Angle lens

The 170° ultra wide-angle all-glass lens can monitor a wide field of vision capturing as much as 3 lanes of traffic with ease.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a great feature when parked for long periods of time, after all, there is not much point in filling up your SD card with hours of the same view! But when something moves in front of the lens the dashcam springs straight into action recording what is in front of the camera lens.

Parking Monitoring

The 24hour parking monitor will automatically record whenever it detects vibration within the vehicle, this can be useful if required for vehicle security.

Loop Recording & G-Sensor

Loop Recording & G-Sensor – When these two functions are turned on, the dashcam overwrites the oldest videos to ensure continuous recording, when a shock or collision is detected, the camera will lock the current video and prevent it from being overwritten.

Recording Capabilities of The Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera

To record onto the Apeman Mini Dash Cam an SD card is required to save all the recordings, it is recommended that a minimum SD card should be at least 32GB I use a 64GB SD card in mine which works better for hours of trucking. Within the menu it is possible to choose clip recording lengths which are 3min, 5min, or 10min clips, this is useful for finding the footage you want when downloading the data to a PC or Mac.

There are plenty of options in the menu such as setting the date and time, motion sensor settings, recording quality, audio, and more.

Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera Review

Many truck drivers use their dashcams not only for recording for insurance purposes if there was an accident but also to record video for their own pleasure to watch back at a later time. Having lots of options in the settings of the dashcam really does mean it can be personalised and set up in a way that suits each individual driver.



  • Compact size does not take up valuable windscreen space
  • Long power lead perfect for trucks
  • Has super night vision for recording in low light
  • Loop recording ensures footage is not lost
  • SD card is not included
  • Will not record 4K footage
  • Windscreen mount is basic

Downloading Dash Cam Recorded Footage

Downloading the video footage from the Apeman Mini is quick and easy there are two methods that can easily be achieved.

  • Remove the SD card and plug it into a card reader on a PC or Mac
  • Connect the Data cable that is supplied and connect it to a PC or Mac via USB


This is a great camera for truck drivers to have. It has plenty of options on the menu, and it feels like it has a good build quality. The Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera comes professionally boxed with many extras including a USB cable, charger adapter, and suction cup mount that can be attached to any surface or window easily. If you are looking for a dash cam then this is definitely one worth considering!

Thank you for reading this review article “Apeman Mini C420 Dash Camera Product Review” I use mine all the time and I recommend this product for use in trucks if you use a dash camera why not leave a comment below, or tell us all about it on our British Trucking Facebook Group.

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