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Midland M20 CB Radio 40 AM/FM Channels Advanced Multi-band Transceiver, with Bluetooth WA Connection, 2 Pin Up/Down Microphone, LCD Display Price:  £98.26 (as of 16/08/2022 11:11 PST- Details)

The Midland M-20 is equipped with a wireless connection, thanks to its Bluetooth WA accessories which allow you to communicate hands-free. The 2 pin socket allows for the use of traditional Midland accessories.



Midland M20 CB Radio 40 AM/FM Channels

The Midland M-20 is equipped with a wireless connection, way to its Bluetooth WA accessories which let you be in contact hands-free. The 2 pin socket allows for the usage of traditional Midland accessories.
Like the opposite CB radios, the M20 has multi-band, large LCD display, and white backlighting, AM/FM switch, automatic digital squelch, selectable audio, ANL, and Noise Blanker System
Three characteristics that make the M20 in point of fact high-performance: the large LCD screen, the rotating knob to switch the channel in an instant at the microphone, and the indicator at the display of the operating band.
M20 adds functionality such as the 9-19 emergency channel, the microphone with Up/Down, the USB socket, the socket for external microphone and for the external S-Meter, and the 6 pin microphone connector.

The M-20 is the top model of the CB Multimedia family. Designed with the latest technology, the M-20 has a large LCD display with white background light and a 2-pin SPK / MIC connector to which you can connect the new WL midland Bluetooth wireless accessories.

With the WA-DONGLE adapter, the CB becomes Bluetooth and can be used remotely; then, to suit your needs, you can choose between the WA family headphones that make your conversations “private” and to make sure you will not be heard around. Or you can connect a traditional headset with the Midland 2pin jack, it’s up to you! The M20 is a stylish M-style, intelligent design, and color that makes it very amazing. The USB port on the front panel lets you recharge your electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets, whenever you want.

The M-20 is a standard MULTI transmitter that allows you to select more European frequency bands depending on the country in which it operates. The M-20 is also provided with the EMG command for immediate selection of emergency channel 9; while the DS / SQ button eliminates noisy signals in RX mode and allows operation in Digital squelch mode. ANL and NB (Noise Blanker) filters can be selected by the appropriate button. The stylish microphone is equipped with three buttons: ‘UP’, ‘DOWN’ and ‘PRI’ in the middle. “PRI” provides instant access to the priority channel that can be set by the user.

Within the package: Midland M-20 CB Radio, microphone, mounting bracket, fixing screws, power cable

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