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MoonRaker Micro Multi Standard CB Transceiver 80 Channels AM/FM Compact CB Radio Clear Orange Display Window EU Legal 4w Power Price: £59.99 (as of 03/01/2024 09:50 PST- Details)

80 Channels
Mode: AM/FM
Mic socket in front panel

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MoonRaker Micro Multi Standard CB Radio Transceiver

Compact CB Radio 11 cm wide and 2.5 cm high, Moonraker Micro can be easily placed in a small space. The compact housing ensures stability and strength. The CB Radio complies with the legislation in force harmonized with European norms, having a maximum legal power of 4 W.

Moonraker Micro CB allows communication in the FM band, but also in AM band. The station has other useful frequency bands available in other European countries and beyond.

  • 80 Channels
  • Mode: AM/FM
  • Mic socket in the front panel
  • Orange Show Channel
  • AM/FM selector

Content of the package

CB radio includes the power cord making it very easy to connect to the vehicle, as well as a microphone with selection buttons and a mounting bracket.

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