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Mini CB Radio THUNDERPOLE T-600 LCD Channel Display Signal Meter & Nightlight Buttons 12 Volt Input 4 Watt RF Output 80 AM/FM UK/EU Channels Price: £69.99 (as of 03/01/2024 09:58 PST- Details)

Multi Channel Operation: 80 UK/EU Channels plus European bands
12 Volt Input; 4 Watt RF Output
LCD Channel Display, Signal Meter & Nightlight Buttons

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Multi-Channel Operation: 80 UK/EU Channels plus Ecu bands
12 Volt Enter; 4 Watt RF Output
LCD Channel Show, Sign Meter & Nightlight Buttons
AM/FM, UK/EU; Channel nine/19; Experiment & Automobile / Handbook Squelch
109 (W) x 26 (H) x 120 (D) mm

The Thunderpole T-600 is a mini CB radio with a difference, it comes with a full-size microphone and robust aluminum chassis to provide solid communications in any vehicle. It has been designed for ease of use, which quick access to all 8 frequency bands from a single button, and like all Thunderpole CB radios comes preset to the UK channels. The tiny T-600 packs in all the essential features, AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with the UK and 8 European bands, auto-squelch, scan, bright LCD display, nightlight buttons, signal meter, and multifunction microphone.

The featherweight T-600 weighs in at 257g but packs a punch with its powerful 4-watt output and full-size fist mic making it just as capable as the biggest of CB’s.

The bright blue LED display and backlit buttons on the T-600 allow you to see it in any vehicle in any light, day or night.

Like all Thunderpole CB radios, each T-600 comes preset to the UK channels. The ‘mode’ button gives you instant access to 8 frequency bands that allow use all around Europe.

The high-quality electret condenser encased in a full-size handset provides crystal clear audio from the palm of your hand. The three top buttons give you instant access to channel changing, squelch, and auto-squelch.

The T-600 is built using a super-strong aluminum chassis, this modern robust design makes this versatile radio ideal for even the most demanding environments.

Mini CB Radio THUNDERPOLE T-600 – Order yours today!

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