Trade Chemicals King Red 400:1 TFR HGV Chassis Cleaner 25l litre Heavy duty Traffic Film Remover CS Price: £49.49 (as of 08:45 EST- More info)

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BUY 8 GET 2 FREE!! KING RED TFR 25 LTR DRUM Professional Grade 400:1 concentration Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover A powerful caustic traffic film remover for immaculate cleaning of surfaces contaminated with grease,oil,Road tar,grime,Traffic film and everything else what doesn’t belong Ideal for Garage workshop floors Suitable for cleaning all vehicles and general exterior surfaces. Ideal for use in conjunction with pressure cleaning equipment such as scrubber brushes and foam bottles. . Perfect for trucks, buses & coaches, tractors and other farm equipment, not to mention heavy plant machinery. CHASSIS & ENGINE BAY CLEANER – should not be left to dry on paintwork To use, simply dilute 1 part KING RED, with up to 400 parts water depending on the level of soiling. We found fantastic cleaning power at 10%! Apply via the use of your pressure cleaning equipment. Follow the manufacturers instructions. Allow contact time and rinse with clean water. Shipped within 24 hours Monday – Friday Free carriage applies to mainland UK only. BUY 8 GET 2 FREE!