About British Trucking

British Trucking is a website created for truck drivers to find products that are suitable for their career. I am David Ellis, and I have been a truck driver for over 15 years. When searching for products on larger platforms, I found it difficult to find trucking items that I was looking for because they would be categorized incorrectly or described incorrectly making them difficult to locate.British Trucking about David Ellis

I have been a website designer in my spare time since 2009 so I decided to solve the problem for truck drivers when looking for products, I created British Trucking in 2018 using the Amazon associates program to find the best products and the best deals for truck drivers.

This program allowed me to develop a site that I could make easy-to-follow categories allowing truck drivers to quickly and easily locate items they were looking for and purchase securely over on Amazon also enabling me to earn a small commission for my time and effort.

British Trucking locates some of the best deals available and with easy-to-follow categories, truck drivers in the UK can quickly find the best product for their needs, and with Amazon’s amazingly fast delivery truckers would get a quality service as well as value.

Also on British Trucking, there are useful beginner guides, haulage news, and information about trucking in the UK.

British Trucking had such a great response from truck drivers all over the UK, and we now have integration on Facebook by means of a British Trucking Facebook Page, British Trucking Facebook Group, British Trucking Twitter, British Trucking Pinterest, plus British Trucking YouTube.

Truck Driver over the UK also provided me with great truck photos to display in the British Trucking gallery for all to see.

I would like to thank everyone who uses the British Trucking website and hopefully, it provides British truck drivers with some useful information, products, and news for trucking.