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Best Trucker Bluetooth Headset

best trucker bluetooth headset british trucking

Truck driving involves being sat at the wheel of your truck for long periods of time, answering a phone to an incoming call is almost impossible unless you stop the vehicle or have a built-in Bluetooth device in the truck, for truck drivers having the freedom to continue a call and still be able to get out of the cab is a great asset which is where Bluetooth headsets are a great idea! so how do you choose the best trucker Bluetooth headset?

Firstly when choosing a Bluetooth headset it is necessary to consider what truck driving job you are doing, for instance driving a truck into quarries all day could mean there is a lot of dust so a single earpiece headset would most likely be a great choice, the microphone is quite well concealed so less likely to get dirty from dust.

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Gifts For Truck Drivers This Christmas

Gifts for truck drivers

Finding the perfect Gifts for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers come in all shapes and sizes with different likes and dislikes so finding the perfect gifts for truck drivers can be challenging!

Firstly a good place to start would be establishing what type of job the truck driver does, or do they work long hours and stay out at night in their truck, do they drive trucks on a daily basis finishing a driving shift each day and socialising with friends and family in the evenings.

A truck driver may drive a tipper truck in which case buying him or her a T-Shirt with a slogan for a concrete mixer driver would not be a good gift idea.

Accessories for a truck driver who spends many hours in a truck are a great gift idea, accessories that could make the working day much easier will always be gratefully received, try to find out discreetly if the driver already has something  you are thinking of buying! 

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Best Trucking T-Shirt Designs

Best trucking t-shirt designs

Truck T-Shirts Best Designs

Truck drivers wear truck T-Shirts with pride, not only at work but also for casual wear when out with mates, so having the best trucking T-Shirt is a real status thing!

Displaying a truck or motif on clothing can let others see what type of truck you like, drive or support.

Funny Trucking T-Shirts are also great talking points and create fun conversations between friends.

Below I have selected some of the Best Trucking T-Shirt Designs.

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Direct Vision Standard 2020 Controversial Say RHA

London Direct Vision Safety Standard

Firstly what is the Direct Vision Standard?

The Direct Vision Standard has been designed to make the streets of London safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Standard is due to come into force in October 2020 and affects all 12 tonne vehicles and above that enter London.

A £550 fine per day will be issued for none compliance to the standard.

This is something that companies certainly have to take very seriously.

The area of enforcement is much more than simply inner London, it stretches out to the M25 in places.

From October 1st 2020 all vehicles over 12 tonne GWT will have to have a permit to drive into the controlled area and to get this permit is going to cause plenty of issues.

To get a permit almost all of a hauliers HGV’s will need TfL’s to include recommended Safety equipment and also Cameras.

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