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Best Books for New HGV Drivers

Best Books for New HGV Drivers

Firstly new HGV Drivers are confronted with many things they need to know such as rules, regulations and test studies, to be able to pass a driving theory or practical test it is always a good idea to be one step ahead of the game, Below is a selection of the best books for New HGV Drivers which will help you achieve your license.

Best Books for New HGV  Drivers
Best Books for New HGV Drivers

Books are a great reference point even for experienced drivers, maybe you have a CPC course to complete or simply just want to improve your knowledge of all the up to date requirements.

Best Books for New HGV Drivers Book One – The official DVSA theory test for large goods vehicles

Prepare to pass your theory test first time with the ONLY official theory test revision guide for goods vehicle, bus and coach drivers. This new edition has been updated in line with changes to the theory test revision bank. All the questions now have just one correct answer out of four, reflecting the real test. The questions and explanations have also been rewritten to make them easier to understand .

Best Books for New HGV Drivers Book 2 – The official DSA guide to driving goods vehicles

This Driving Standards Agency publication contains guidance on the official syllabus and practical test requirements for driving a large goods vehicle (LGV), as well as on driving techniques for different vehicles and conditions, load restraint, EC and UK legal requirements, working time and tachograph regulations, freight transport organisation, dealing with emergencies, new safety checks and minimum test vehicle requirements. This edition includes information to help prepare for the extended theory and practical tests that link to the new Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Best Books for New HGV Drivers Book 3 – Driver CPC – The Official DVSA guide for professional goods vehicle drivers

Suitable for HGV drivers prepare for their initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC), this book focuses on the syllabus of the two modules: Case Studies and the Practical Demonstration Test. Providing guidance to understanding a driver’s work for CPC Modules 2 and 4, it offers essential preparation for the Driver CPC.

Best Books for New HGV Drivers Book 4 – The Official DVSA Highway Code

Keep safe, make sure you’re up to date with the latest rules of the road, and avoid penalties and fines by getting your copy of The Official DVSA Highway Code. The Official Highway Code is essential reading for all road users in England, Scotland and Wales, providing all the latest rules of the road and traffic signs. All road users have a responsibility to keep their knowledge up-to-date, so make sure you do just that with the latest edition of this handy reference guide

Practicing for a HGV Driving Test

The DVSA have a great way for you to prepare for your Theory test, when you have read the books to improve your knowledge to a standard to proceed, The Complete LGV and PCV Theory and Hazard Perception Test for PC allows you to practice the test at home before going to a test centre it includes the theory questions and Hazard Perception test.

Practice makes perfect and preparing yourself properly will not only give you confidence it will also save you valuable time and money by enabling you to pass first time.

The Complete LGV and PCV Theory and Hazard Perception Test

  • Essential revision for the HGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test.
  • Practise all the latest official DVSA revision questions covering the same topics as you’ll be tested on in your exam.
  • Sit unlimited random mock tests using official DVSA revision questions.
  • Practise a wide range of fully interactive hazard perception video clips
  • Detailed progress monitor.
  • Includes The Highway Code.

Official DVSA Learning Materials
Includes every official revision question, answer and explanation licensed directly from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – the people who set the test.

Plus you’ll also get access to the Hazard Perception introduction video and sample CGI video clips.

Theory Test
Practise unlimited mock tests covering the same topics as you’ll be asked in the official test. Includes interactive case study questions.

You’ll even find an optional voiceover in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Polish and Arabic.

Customise your Learning
Revise from questions that you have not yet seen or have previously answered incorrectly.

Read the official explanations to help you learn the correct answers and keep a track of your progress to find out when you are ready for the real test.

Hazard Perception Test
Sit unlimited mock tests using high quality interactive video clips to prepare you for your test.

Review each clip to help you understand where the hazard develops and how to improve your skills. Watch the official DVSA introduction video and sample CGI clips, discover how the test is marked, plus much more.

Printable Theory Test Mock Papers
Study every official DVSA revision question away from your PC using the printable Theory Test book and mock papers.

Detailed Progress Monitor
The in-built progress monitor will keep a track of all of your revision so you can see how well you’re doing and when you’re ready to sit the official test.

The Highway Code
Read, search and print the latest digital edition of The Highway Code.

Learn on the Go!
Transfer audio Theory Test revision questions onto your mobile phone or MP3 compatible device to learn on the go.

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