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Best Cool Box for Truck Drivers

Truck driving particularly in summer months gives drivers a big dilemma when it comes to keeping food and drink cold, choosing the best cool box for your truck is important and sometimes bigger is not necessarily better!

Best Cool Box truck drivers

Why do I need a cool box?

A cool box is needed to keep food fresh and drinks cold, truck drivers are susceptible to becoming ill if there food is not kept chilled.

A perfect example of this is when I became ill myself preparing sandwiches before a shift and adding garnishes such as salad creme, mayonnaise, or other types of refrigerated toppings.

If these types of food are left in a warm cab and not eaten till the middle of your shift, it is highly likely you could get food poisoning simply because your food was not kept cool.

The food will very quickly obtain bacteria when warm and not kept cold.

Which Cool Box should I choose?

There are different types of cool boxes available in different shapes and sizes.

The easiest way to choose the best cool box is to firstly establish the purpose you want to use it for.

A truck driver who works a day shift driving a vehicle with a day cab and then goes home for an evening meal would not require a large storage option.

If however you are a truck driver who travels long distances and sometimes has to do nights out in a sleeper cab a larger cooler would be a much better option.

Some sleeper cabs are fitted with a built in fridge but they are often too small for purpose or in many cases don’t work as they should.

Electric Powered Cool Boxes

12L Cool Box 12v/24v/240v

Capacity: 12L , The external dimension is approx 442232cm (Length x Width x Height), Weight: 5kg,it’s enough to hold 16 pieces of 330ml bottles

25L Cool Box 12v/24v/240v

Capacity: 25L , The external dimension is approx 532836cm (Length x Width x Height), Weight: 6.5kg LED temperature display, Low noise.

Ice Pack Cool Boxes

Coleman Flip Lid Cool Box 4.7 LTRS

Very compact and sturdy, Designed with exceptional foam insulation for cooling up to 9 hours, The lid can also be used as a tray or as a seat.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 49 LTRS

Very robust cool box with strong handles for assured durability and easy portability. Cup holders molded into the lid keep drinks and food close and cold, These coolers are perfect for long road trips.

Storing your food and drink

When placing your food and drinks into your box it is worth remembering that cold air travels downwards, with this in mind your ice should always be on top with pre-chilled cans and bottles on the bottom.

Perishable foods like meat and dairy should be stored on top of the ice.

To keep food dry, separate it into sealed plastic containers or seal top bags.

Cool Bag food chilling

Cool bags are another option for keeping your food and drink chilled, this is a good option if you can store your bag out of harms way during your working day, don’t ram a cool bag into your work bag or you may be disappointed at lunch time when you try to retrieve your broken squashed sandwiches and crushed cakes, even worse you find your drinks bottle has had the top knocked off and all your juice has poured onto your food.

It is recommended that you carry a food cool bag separately to insure your food and drink remains protected and place it in a safe area of your cab so it is not trodden on or squashed.

Thermos cooler bag 16Ltr

Durable water resistant outer material, Leak-proof, reflective silver PEVA liner for improved insulation, 100% PVC free liner, Unique Thermos IsoTec insulation – superior quality closed cell polyethylene foam Insulation Keeps cold for 5 hours

Mier Cooler Bag Large

Dimensions: 31x17x26cm, rather tall enough to hold 2 liter bottle, Main compartment with 2-way zipper opening flaps which makes it easy to take out food and snacks, roomy enough to pack a lunch for 2 in or 16cans

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