Best Snow Shovel for Trucks

Truck driving during the winter months in Britain can be dangerous, with ever-changing weather patterns some parts of the UK can be covered in the snow very quickly, this article shows the British Trucking best snow shovel for trucks selection, plus some great advice to protect yourself during the winter months.

Why keep a Snow Shovel in your Truck

Snow shovels are an important tool to keep in your truck throughout the winter months, many drivers have been caught out by snow, especially long-distance drivers who thought the weather was fine when leaving the yard only to find the weather deteriorate as they head to their destination, severe weather can be localized, so which is the best snow shovel for trucks?

Choosing The Best Snow Shovel

Choosing a snow shovel depends on the truck that you drive, although the shovel itself does the same job they come in all shapes and sizes.

Firstly determine where you are going to store the shovel and how much space it will take up, If you have a flatbed truck you may be able to mount a substantial shovel on the front board, If you drive a tanker then it may need to go into the cab so in this case, size is important!

Some snow shovels are wide and may not fit into the cab, in this case, a folding smaller snow shovel would be a great option to easily store it out of the way.

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As you can see by the examples above there are different types of shovels ideal for storing in your truck, the cost of these snow shovel’s is minimal when you think how much they could help you keep moving if you become stuck in the snow.

Best snow shovel for trucks points to remember

  • Determine where you will store a shovel in your truck
  • Choose the correct snow shovel for your truck
  • Always store your snow shovel safely in the cab
  • Never assume that the weather won’t change when setting out on your journey

Tips to move your truck in the Snow

snow shovel truck

Firstly if you are stuck in a hazardous position try to warn vehicles that may be approaching by putting on your hazard lights also placing a hazard triangle or high viz further back down the road will attract the attention of vehicles behind you.

When you feel it is safe to continue trying to free your truck from the snow follow these tips.

Straighten the wheels as much as possible, as this will make it much easier for your truck to move than if they are turned. Also, ensure you are in as low a gear as possible and gently accelerate using the weight of the vehicle to get traction.

If you’re not getting any grip, use your snow shovel to remove as much snow from in front of your wheels as possible. clear the area in front of your wheels by at least 3 feet to give you momentum when your truck starts to move.

If your truck is still stuck in the snow attempt to locate a salt bin or remove the snow from a verge and collect some gravel or dirt to lay down in front of the wheels to give you more grip.

When you have tried everything you can to no avail you should then consider calling for help and assistance, call your works office for advice as they can call for local assistance while you concentrate on keeping warm until help arrives.

In an emergency situation where you think your vehicle could be a danger to other motorists, dial the emergency services for help, always think about your safety before attempting to remove snow from around your vehicle.

Items you should keep in your truck during winter months

Vehicles stuck in snow

Preparing for a journey in Winter requires serious planning by truck drivers, adverse weather conditions could mean your truck may get stuck for long periods of time, having essential items in your cab is important.

The snow shovel as mentioned in this article could keep you on the move, but if the weather quickly gets worse you need to be prepared for the worst, you and your truck could be out in bad weather for 24hrs or sometimes 2 to 3 days in remote areas.

Items you should keep in your truck to ensure your safety!

  • Bottled Water
  • Food non-perishables
  • Flask (hot water)
  • Sleeping Bag and Blankets
  • Extra clothing and warm gloves
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snow Shovel
  • Rock Salt
  • Torch
  • Toe Rope, Strap, or Chain
  • Jumpstart cables
  • Mobile Phone and charger
  • Basic Tools
  • sunglasses

The list above gives you some of the essential items you need to take with you so that you can survive being stuck out in your truck, but also there are things you need to consider when driving in poor weather conditions that would ensure you reduce the risk of getting into difficulty.

  • Never let your fuel tank run below half a tank
  • keep your windscreen washer fluid full
  • Make sure your antifreeze is sufficient in your cooling system

Lastly listen to your local radio station for updates about the weather, if you have a night heater turn it on and keep the area clear around the exhaust outlet, if you don’t have a night heater keep your engine running on tick over with your heater on to try and keep warm.

Stay with your vehicle till help arrives wandering off to find help can be extremely dangerous in remote areas, if you can make mobile phone contact with local authorities ask for advice.

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