Best Summer Sleeping Bag for UK Trucking

Sleeping in a truck during the summer months can be very uncomfortable for UK truck drivers, in this article we show you the British Trucking best summer sleeping bag that will keep drivers cool when sleeping in a truck cab overnight.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep in a HGV Truck During The Summer

The summer months in the UK can be varied with temperatures changing quickly between low and high pressures of weather patterns, when high pressure covers the country temperatures can be as high as 28 to 30 degrees overnight in some areas of the UK.

High temperatures can make sleeping in a truck very uncomfortable for the driver so having the right bedding that does not make you feel too hot is important, but also the temperature can change quickly especially during the night and early mornings.

Some drivers may opt to not use bedding at all during hot weather but as temperatures drop suddenly during the night they can be left feeling cold.

Having a suitable sleeping bag for the summer months that will keep truck drivers cool but also keep them comfortable as temperatures change suddenly is the best idea for truckers.

British Trucking recommends the Active Era Ultralight Sleeping Bag for UK trucking.

Active Era Ultralight Sleeping Bag

The Active Era Ultralight sleeping bag is designed for use in warm weather conditions.

With its tear-resistant hard-wearing material it is perfect for the rigours of trucking.

This extremely lightweight sleeping bag comes with a storage bag for easy storage in the truck cab.

The lightweight polyester material will keep a truck driver at a comfortable temperature during the summer months but also gives added protection if temperatures drop during their sleep time.


  • 100GSM hollow fibre filling
  • 190T Water-Resistant Ripstop Polyester outer shell
  • Ultra-thin and extremely lightweight
  • Envelope shape design
  • Colour: Blue
  • Size: 190 x 75cm
  • Weight: 750g

How to Keep Cool Sleeping In A Truck During The Summer Months Tips

An HGV Truck is a confined space so keeping cool is difficult on a hot summer’s day or night, boosting airflow in the cab can help to reduce the heat.

  1. If the truck cab has a sunroof open it.
  2. Lower the passenger and driver’s window slightly to achieve an airflow throughout the cab.
  3. If possible take a cool shower to lower your body temperature, this will also relax you helping you to sleep in a more timely manner.
  4. Keep plenty of cold water to drink with you, this will refresh you and also cool your body temperature.
  5. If you use a bed pillow with a pillowcase, place the pillowcase in a polythene bag and put it in your truck fridge or coolbox, place it back onto the pillow before trying to sleep.
  6. Use a cooling fan on the dashboard of the truck, an oscillating fan will move the airflow around the cab, place something cold in front of the fan such as some cans of drink from your fridge, this will give a cool blast for a limited period.

I hope these tips help you to get a good night’s sleep in your truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping cool in a truck will help a driver to be more comfortable using a fan to move the air inside a truck cab will help to keep the driver cool, using aircon when driving with the windows in the closed position will also keep the cab cool.

During summer months temperatures in a truck cab can be high, lower both side windows slightly to create air flow within the cab and if possible open your sunroof to let warm air out of the cab, use lightweight bedding designed for summer to keep you cool when sleeping.

Truck drivers will always try to park their trucks in a shaded area during summer months in the shadow of trees or buildings will keep the sun from making the cab too hot, also parking with the cab faced away from the sun using the trailer to shade the cab can help.


Keeping cool during the summer months will help truck drivers get a good night’s sleep.

Using lightweight bedding designed for the summer months can help to keep a truck driver cool during sleep.

Parking a truck in a shaded area facing away from the sun will help to keep the truck cab cooler.

Slightly lowering the side windows and opening the sunroof will create airflow and let warmth out of the truck cab in hot weather conditions.

Thank you for checking out the British Trucking “Best Summer Sleeping Bag for UK Trucking” article we hope you find it useful for choosing your bedding when doing nights out in the UK during the summer.

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