Best Truck Charger SatNav Phone DashCam

Firstly finding the Best Truck charger for all your devices can be a daunting process, In this article, I will show you the best Cup Charger for powering your devices with an all-in-one compact power unit.

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British Trucking Best Truck Charger

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Most trucks have very limited power outlets and can be located in places that are not always suitable for powering your devices.

The reason I opted for the Multiport Cup Charger for powering devices was quite simple, I recently changed vehicles and powered up my Dash Cam from the Cigarette lighter socket in the new vehicle, after a strong squeaking sound my dashcam blew because I was not aware of the lighter socket that was pumping out 24v and not 12v like my previous vehicle.

The Cup Charger will plug into 12v or 24v Sockets regulating the power for all your devices giving you peace of mind when plugging in any expensive items.

Cup Charger Features

For such a small unit this charger is packed full of features that are perfect for any truck driver it is a neat and tidy unit for your truck making it easy to plug in your Sat Nav, Phone, DashCam, and more.


  • 2 Socket Cigarette Lighter Inputs.
  • Dual USB Ports.
  • On/Off Switch.
  • Anti Glare LED Voltage Readout.
  • Anti-Scratch ABS Fireproof material.
  • Sleek Design.

The Cup charger can be used for Trucks, Cars, or Vans to power your devices, The charger looks great and stylish in your vehicle keeping your cables looking more organised with 4 great outputs.

The cup holder charger is compatible with vehicles that output 12V~24V and the two lighter sockets provide a total power of up to 80Watts, these sockets can be used to power your GPS, Dash Cam even a cool box , vehicle kettle, cooling fan, and more!

Dual USB Smart Ports provide an output of 5V/3.1A (Max) USB-A for iPhone, iPad or Android Phones USB-S for Samsung Tablet, etc, The ports have built-in Smart Charging IC and can automatically detect the proper current for USB Devices for fast safe charging.

The ON/OFF switches are independent for each lighter socket so you can turn off a device without unplugging all the time reducing wear on your cables.

LED lights to provide a perfect Anti-Glare design and also make it easy to see your ports when plugging in devices in the dark.

The Unit is robust and will maintain its sleek look with its Anti-Scratch and Fireproof material certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC.

Safety Standards

The Cup Holder charger is excellent with a Security Protection Design with a built-in replaceable 7A fuse and 84 heavy pure copper wire power cord which prevent the unit and your devices from overheating and overcharging.

The Cup holder charger will automatically stop charging when your battery is full.

Cup Holder Charger Perfect for Trucking

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