Best Trucking Boots for Truck Drivers

Are you looking for a new pair of trucking boots? in this article, we take a look at some of the best trucking boots for truck drivers, boots that will provide comfort and safety when trucking.

Trucking Boots for Truck Drivers

There are many challenges that truck drivers face every day and having the best trucking boots can help with important issues, such as feet becoming tired and sore after a long day driving a truck and dealing with difficult deliveries of many different types of goods.

Health and safety regulations determine what footwear a truck driver can wear, so it is essential for drivers to have work boots that protect them and are made to a work safe standard.

For truck drivers who don’t want to settle for basic boots issued by their company, it’s beneficial to look at a brand new pair of work boots that will meet their requirements when driving a truck.

There are more trucking boots available than ever before, and because they are designed with safety in mind, they are perfect for truck drivers who want to remain protected, but also provide comfort for a driver’s feet.

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Quality Trucking Boots Reduce Risk and Offer Safety for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers need to be comfortable while driving, especially since they’re on the road for an average of 8-10 hours every day, with a working day that can be up to 15 hours in extreme circumstances.

Due to the fact that truck drivers constantly unload pallets, lift heavy boxes, climb on and off their trucks, they are at an especially high risk of foot strain if they don’t have the right boots to protect their feet.

trucking boots for truck drivers

Work boots with a solid structure will provide more support for the ball of the foot, but they will also absorb shock when heavy lifting has to be done.

Listed below are some of the best trucking boots for truck drivers to consider, we have selected these boots because of their feedback amongst other wearers of the work boot.

These are available in all different price ranges and styles so truck drivers can find great boots that fit their budget or individual style choice.

Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar is one of the biggest manufacturers of safety boots in the UK, offering comfort, style, and protection. They are our number one choice for trucking boots.

Caterpillar Gravel Steel Toe Cap Work Safety Boots
  • 200 Joules Steel Toe Cap Anti-Penetration Steel Midsole - Min
  • Caterpillar Mens Safety Boots Black
  • Caterpillar Striver

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Dickies Boots

Dickies work boots are a popular brand for professional truck drivers and are a great choice when looking for a pair of trucking boots that provide style, comfort, and protection for your feet. Dickies are our number two choice.

Dickies Medway S3 Safety Work Boots Unisex
  • Steel toe-cap to en20345(200 joules), steel midsole for underfoot protection, internal water resistant membrane, scuff cap and heel guard, lace protector, cemented rubber outsole with phylon insert,...
  • Thinsulate lining
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Anti-scuff toe & heel
  • Removable PU insole

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Timberland Boots

Timberland safety boots are our number three choice for work boots giving protection, comfort, style, and robust build quality making them a great choice for boots.

Timberland Professional Unisex Safety Boots
  • Water resistant premium full grain leather upper
  • Safety footwear with 200 joule steel toe protection
  • Moisture management lining
  • Molded EVA midsole

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Black Hammer Boots

Black Hammer provides safety boots and shoes providing comfort and protection they are our number four choice for boots.

Black Hammer S3 SRC Safety Work Boots
  • HEAVY DUTY WATERPROOF SAFETY Steel Toe Cap Boots with Steel Mid Sole Protection S3 SRC
  • SIX MONTH SOLE WARRANTY On All Our Footwear | 100% Approval Rate
  • SAFETY APPROVED UK & EU CE CERTIFIED EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC: Issued by Intertek
  • OIL AND SLIP RESISTANT long lasting soles with anti-static heels SRC | Comfort build from inside-out
  • DESIGNED IN THE UK: Our designs are registered and protected designs both in the EU and UK

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Dr Martens Boots

Dr Martens are well known for comfort and they now provide safety boots that give you protection, style, and a great deal of comfort, Dr Martens safety boots are our number five choice for trucking boots.

Dr Martens Industrial Grapple SRC Safety Work Boots
  • S1P SRA.
  • SRA rated anti-slip sole.
  • Shock and crush resistant steel toe cap.
  • Penetration resistant steel mid sole.
  • Removable SoftWair memory foam footbed with antimicrobial treatment.

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Choosing the Best Trucking Boots

If you are a truck driver, it is important to invest in quality boots. This way, you can reduce the risk of injury and add some safety to your job.

There are many options when it comes to finding the best pair of boots for truck drivers, but there are also some factors that need to be considered before making a purchase.

There are lots of ways you can increase both your comfort and safety.

Make sure you choose a solid work boot to wear on a daily basis so you can control your truck with stability and unload your goods with more support.

The boots that are listed above are our choice of trucking work boots giving protection, comfort, and suitable for truck drivers.

It’s worthwhile to invest in a quality pair of boots to help you do your job, keep you safe, and remain comfortable for the duration of your shift.

British Trucking has boots in different styles to suit all truck driving job types.

A great selection of work boots for protecting your feet

Looking After Your Work Boots

When a truck driver finds a pair of work boots that they like it is important to look after them. Drivers work long hours and it is difficult sometimes to find time to do menial tasks at home, but cleaning truck driving boots can increase the time that they last a driver by up to 75%.

Truck drivers who sleep in their cabs are well organised and ensure they have all the items they require in storage compartments within the truck cab.

Keeping a cleaning kit for truck driving boots in the cab is a good idea, some delivery destinations can be muddy, oily, or wet. Cleaning your work boots will ensure that they are clean and maintain a good level of waterproofing.

Work Boot Cleaning Kit

Granger's Footwear Care Kit | Complete Eco-responsible Cleaning and Waterproofing for all Outdoor...
  • POWERFUL CLEANING – Footwear + Gear Cleaner is an easy-to-use spray which, when paired with the Footwear Brush, becomes a powerful cleaning bundle to remove dirt and odours. The brush is ideal for...
  • DURABLE REPELLENCY – Footwear Repel Plus offers all-in-one protection for all types of footwear. It is easy-to-apply and restores the original durable waterproof repellency (DWR). This breathable,...
  • FREE ODOUR ELIMINATOR – Remove those lingering odours found inside footwear and other non-washable accessories, with this easy-to-use spray. Instead of masking with odours, it works hard to remove...

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Cleaning a pair of work boots can be tricky especially during the winter months when they can become heavily soiled, it is important not to damage the boots during the cleaning process.

Removing thick mud or caked in dirt first is best for the cleaning process and should be done carefully, use a damp cloth to soften a remove as much dirt as possible, use an old toothbrush to clean out the tread area on the bottom of your boots, this process is best done outside of the truck cab because of the mess.

Once all the caked in dirt has been removed wipe the boots all over with a clean damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth.

Once the boots are dry you can apply your choice of polish to condition and protect the boot surface, buff the boots to a nice shine, they will now be perfect to wear on your next truck driving shift.

Top 10 Best Selling Safety Work Boots in The UK

SaleBest Selling 1
DEWALT Builder Mens Safety Work Lace Up SB Steel Toe Ankle Boots UK 9 / EU 43 Yellow
  • Genuine DeWalt Footwear
  • Men's Safety Boots
  • Available in Sizes 6-11
SaleBest Selling 2
Blackrock Chukka Work Boots, Safety Boots, Safety Shoes Mens Womens, Men's Work & Utility Footwear,...
  • BUILT TO WORK: Steel toe cap protects against impact from falling objects and against compression, giving 200 Joules of protection - equivalent to dropping 20kg from a height of 1m or a weight of 1.5...
  • PROTECTION FROM BELOW: Steel midsole - a thin yet strong steel plate that runs the length of the sole and protects against objects penetrating from below and piercing your foot, such as nails, tacks,...
  • DURABILITY: Dual density PU/PU sole that is resistant to fuel oil, so it won't degrade, stain or retain grease that would otherwise cause slips and trips
Best Selling 3
DEWALT Men's Douglas Waterproof Steel Toe Safety Boot Black UK8
  • Full grain water resistant leather upper
  • Breathable waterproof inner membrane lining
  • Steel toe cap and steel midsole protection
SaleBest Selling 4
DEWALT Newark Waterproof Safety Boots, Brown Size 10
  • Full grain brown leather upper
  • Waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane inner lining
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort
SaleBest Selling 5
JCB - Men's Safety Boots - Workmax Chukka Work Boots - Nubuck - Durable and Protective - Ideal for...
  • DURABLE AND PROTECTIVE: JCB Men's Safety Boots are designed for the toughest work environments. These Workmax Chukka Work Boots, made with durable honey nubuck leather and a steel toe cap, offer...
  • VERSATILE WORK BOOTS: Whether you need steel toe cap boots, Scruffs work boots, or Dewalt work boots, these JCB Men's Safety Boots meet your requirements. They are functional, durable, and meet the...
  • IDEAL FOR WORK ENVIRONMENTS: These safety boots are perfect for construction sites, warehouses, and industrial settings. With their durable construction and slip-resistant soles, they provide the...
Best Selling 6
SAFETY JOGGER Safety Boot - BESTBOY - Steel Toe Cap S3/S1P Work Shoe for Men or Women, Anti Slip...
  • STEEL TOE CAP: the Safety Jogger Bestboy Safety Shoe with Steel Toe Cap Technology, assures protection up to 1;500 KG pressure; You can drop a heavy hammer or a wooden pallet without hurting your toes
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT STEEL SOLE: The Safety Jogger Industrial team created a strong steel sole that keeps your feet safe; No nails will go through your sole when you step on it
  • WATER AND OIL REPELLANT: you can step into a puddle of water and keep your feet dry at all time, splashes of oil will also be repelled; Work in an environment with high humidity and presence of oil or...
Best Selling 7
Rona Shoes Safety Boots Work Boots Steel Toe Cap Boots Safety Shoes Lightweight Comfortable Slip On...
  • STEEL TOE PROTECTION: Steel toe perfectly protects the foot against crushing and shocks.
  • KEVLAR PUNCTURE-PROOF MIDSOLE: The Kevlar puncture-proof midsole material effectively protects your feet from any risk of perforation.
  • COMFORTABLE: The insoles offer a high degree of cushion comfort including arch support for maximum comfort.
Best Selling 8
Best Selling 9
EarthWorks Safety - EarthWorks Hammer Mens Lace Honey Safety Boot - Size 8 UK - Gold
  • EarthWorks Safety EarthWorks Hammer Mens Lace Honey Safety Boot Size 8 UK Gold
  • Brand : Earth Works Safety
  • Product type: BOOT
Best Selling 10
DeWalt Carlisle Tan Safety Boots Work Boots Steel Toecap UK Sizes 8 EN 20345SB
  • 200 Joule Steel Toecap
  • Full grain wheat nubuck leather upper
  • Safety Rating - SB SRA

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Comfortable Truck Driving Boots Tips!

As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time on your feet, and you need to make sure your work boots are always comfortable.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a long haul and have your feet start to hurt.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your work boots are always comfortable.

First, make sure you buy a pair that fits well. You may need to try on several pairs before you find the right one, but it’s worth the effort.

Once you’ve found a comfortable pair, break them in slowly. Wear them around the house for an hour or two each day until they’re no longer new.

Finally, take good care of your work boots. Polishing them regularly will help to extend their life, and you should also clean and condition them regularly.

By following these tips, you can ensure your work boots are always comfortable, no matter how many miles you have to drive.

Should Truck Drivers Carry a Spare Pair of Boots In Their Cab?

Should Truck Drivers Carry a Spare Pair of Boots In Their Cab

In the world of trucking, having a reliable and functional vehicle is an absolute must. Truck drivers are relying on their trucks to get them safely from point A to point B, often in difficult or hazardous conditions.

But just as important as a reliable truck is having the right gear for any situation that might arise. One critical piece of gear that every truck driver should carry is a spare pair of boots.

Having a good set of boots is essential for any trucker since the nature of the job often puts drivers in tough and dirty environments.

Whether they are stuck in traffic, climbing around in loading docks, or navigating muddy roads, drivers will need to keep their feet protected at all times. And when footwear malfunctions or breaks down, it can put the whole trip at risk.

By carrying an extra pair of boots in their cab, drivers can give themselves peace of mind and ensure that they stay safe no matter what challenges come their way.

The UK weather is unpredictable, work boots will often become wet and uncomfortable if exposed to harsh weather for long periods of time, a spare pair of dry boots in your truck cab will ensure you remain comfortable as your journey continues.

So if you’re a trucker, don’t leave home without that spare pair of boots! With the right gear on your side, nothing can stand between you and your next big delivery. And with your trusty boots supporting your journey every step of the way, you can be sure that your feet will always have the right protection.


In conclusion, the best trucking boots for truck drivers are boots that are comfortable, provide protection, and suitable for the type of work a truck driver does.

Trucking boots can last up to 75% longer if cleaned regularly, maintaining their waterproofing and providing comfort for the truck driver.

Thank you for reading this article “Best trucking boots for truck drivers” we hope you found it useful for choosing or maintaining your truck driving boots.