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Best TV For Truck Drivers

Choosing the Best TV for Truck Drivers

looking for the best TV for truck drivers? Trucking is a job where you can work day shifts or night shifts, both of which generally include having to sleep in your cab due to the driving laws in Britain. If you’re out of ‘driving time’ on your tacho (if it’s been over 9 hours), then at that point there are certain rules and regulations about when you must stop for 11 consecutive hours before resuming again with “driving timing”. Therefore choosing the best TV set-up for truckers who need overnight rest periods becomes an important question.

Top Pick Truck TV


DTS Studio Sound brings a unique cinema sound experience. The premium system does a great job together with the TV audio system with two speakers, quality, volume and enhanced bass. Active Motion LCD Display No more blurriness or out of focus with Active Motion, you'll experience moving images with a sharpness that no conventional LCD TV can give you. What makes the dramatic difference? Powerful processors and a superior LCD with a short response time. Perfect for sports, film and action.

Sharp 24" Smart TV


Perfect for portable use in Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats & Trucks. 12v/24v in Car Charger & 3 pin UK / EU Plug Included


Freeview Play DTS Studio Sound 2 x HDMI Ports 2 x USB Ports Active Motion 200 LCD Display Technology Wireless Connection with Mobile Devices 24v/12v Mains Power Adaptor 3 Pin UK/EU Plug Included


Plenty of ports: With 2 x HDMI, USB, Component, Composite, Headphone Jack and Digital Optical Audio ports. It can be used on a table top/stand/TV unit or wall mounted

Making Trucking More Interesting

Having to spend a night in your truck does not have to be as bad as it sounds, after all a sleeper cab has a bunk where you can sleep, a night heater to keep you warm, and a radio that is fitted to most HGV vehicles.

Listening to the radio is cool but if you drive a truck on a regular basis and have to sleep in your cab on a regular basis you need more entertainment than just the radio.

Having a TV in your truck can make nights out a much more pleasurable experience possibly watching TV shows that you would normally watch when at home.

So how to choose the best TV for truck drivers depend upon a few factors.

Firstly do you use the same vehicle for driving all the time? if you have your own truck you are in a better situation to kit it out how you want it also allows you to opt for a larger TV for the cab simply because you could leave it in the cab and not have to take it out every time you end your shift.

You may have a situation where you share a vehicle with somebody else in which case you may be able to still keep your TV in the cab if your co-driver doesn’t mind.

If you drive a different vehicle on shifts then the best option would be to choose a smaller TV for your vehicle simply because it’s easier to remove it and to put it in place on every shift.

What are the Best TV Options for Your Truck

A TV for a truck obviously needs to have a power supply and an aerial for reception, you can get 12 volt and 24 volt TV sets and they range from about 16″ screen size upwards.

There are many different makes of TV’s and choosing the right size for your truck for comfortable viewing is essential, take a good look at your truck’s interior and work out where you will position the TV, this will make it easier to decide on screen size before making a purchase.

Best Truck TV for Truck Drivers British Trucking

All truck drivers have their own unique space in the cab where they would like to view a truck TV, below we have a selection of TV sets that will work great in your truck to provide valuable entertainment when taking a break in your truck.

Sniper 22" HD LED TV 12/24v with Built In DVD

The Sniper truck TV has a built-in DVD/CD player, built-in Freeview tuner, and built-in DVB-S2 satellite receiver which means you can also receive Freesat and other free-to-air satellite television services, just connect a dish of your choice to the standard F connector LNB input.

Power options are 12/24v or mains and will receive DVB-T2 & DVB-S2 channels it has built-in Bluetooth audio for soundbar or headphones functionality.

Cello 22" HD 12v TV with Built-in DVD & Miracast

This 22″ traveller TV is a great choice with a built-in Freeview, satellite tuner and DVD player. it has connectivity via VGA, USB, and HDMI.

With Miracast you are able to cast apps from any android device such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc.

Power options are 12v or mains and could be used easily via a 12v lighter socket or power inverter.

Philips 24" Pixel Plus HD LED 12v TV

This 12v TV is compact and stylish with its glossy white frame, with pixel plus HD you get great contrast and optimized picture quality.

Full-range speakers with surround sound mean perfect audio with bass control and auto volume leveller function.

Input connections are HDMI, USB, and VGA with a 12v power connector that fits straight into a lighter socket.

How Do I Make My Truck TV Work?

To set up a truck TV you need a power supply an aerial and a booster for Freeview channels (depending on where your truck is parked).

Watch this video how I set up my Truck TV in my truck cab.

Extra Items Needed For A Truck TV

Plugging a TV Aerial into your truck is fairly straightforward there are plenty of aerials available and can simply be mounted by a suction cup or mag-mount option, a booster aerial may be needed in some locations if reception is poor so I would recommend a booster aerial or separate booster just in case.

A signal booster can be plugged into a truck power inverter and will allow you to receive digital TV channels with ease.

Digital TV Aerials

Kuma Cosmos TV Aerial

KUMA Cosmos TV Aerial Outdoor – High Gain Freeview TV Antenna with Long Range Reception Booster...
  • ✅ 360⁰ OMNI-DIRECTIONAL RECEPTION DIGITAL TV ANTENNA – Enhance UHF signal reception. Our caravan aerial picks up more signals from all directions, no rotating or pointing needed. No signal blind...
  • ✅ BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER – Can adjust the appropriate long or short distance signal reception mode to get a more stable signal. Our campervan aerial allows you to boost the signal right at the...
  • ✅ EASY INSTALLATION WITH MINIMUM EFFORT – Use for 12 and 24-volt televisions. Ideal for magnetic roof mounting and no need to worry about local weather because our truck tv aerial are made of...
  • ✅ WARRANTY – We are so confident with our KUMA magnetic tv aerial for campervan that we provide an unconditional 2 Year Warranty. Ensures the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Durable...
  • ✅ 24-HOUR FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Any problems with the setup or installation? KUMA is here to help – with a UK based customer service centre you can be sure this device will work perfectly...

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Sniper Magmount TV Aerial

Portable Digital TV Roof Aerial, Magnetic Mount DVB-T Aerial for Motorhome Caravan Boat Car Freeview...
  • ✅High gain, omni-directional DVB-T Freeview Digital TV and DAB Antenna
  • ✅5 Meter High Quality RG-58 Coaxial Cable
  • ✅Fitted with standard TV Coax Plug
  • ✅Strong Magnetic Mount Base with rubber to protect surface
  • ✅Perfect for Motorhomes, Camper Vans, Cars, Trucks, Boats and other vehicles

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Moonraker Truck TV Aerial

Moonraker 44-300 | Pro Outdoor Digital TV Aerial, Black, 8 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Lightweight, compact, waterproof and anti-UV housing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Ideal for all applications including truck, car, boat, motorhome, caravan or home
  • Pole mounting installation for home or caravan
  • Suction cup installation for any smooth surface e.g. truck or car windscreen

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TV Signal Boosters

No products found.

Proception PROAMP11 1 Way Professional Indoor Digital Aerial Signal Booster Amplifier for TV
  • Part of the PROception core range used by the professional aerial installer
  • This new amplifier design is optimised for todays digital signal environment
  • Ideal for domestic and other small systems Maximum input 88 dBµV
  • Attractive compact moulded case - the most unobtrusive mains-powered amplifier in its class
  • 1-way low noise figures 12db gain for driving long cable runs Wideband coverage includes Band II (VHF/FM) Band III (DAB) and UHF TV

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Portable Satellite Dish

SSL Satellites Compatible with Sky or Freesat - Satellite Tripod & Dish Set for Caravan, Camping,...
  • Satellite Dish Kit: Premium quality dish set includes 80cm Mk4 satellite dish, Quad LNB, 10m twin coax cable, cable clips, satellite finder/meter and satellite folding aluminum tripod for any Hotbird,...
  • Zone 2 Dish for Camping: This 80cm Zone 2 satellite dish is larger than Zone 1 for better signal reception and perfect for camping, garden, caravanning or even permanent use for apartment, balconies...
  • Aluminum Tripod: The compact, portable satellite tripod stand has a wide footprint for extra stability. This tripod is lightweight and very stable, it is suitable for dishes up to 100cm and comes with...
  • Twin Coaxial Cable: This high-quality weather resistance and flexible cable makes it suitable for outdoor installation with signal reliability and performance to ensure no loss to picture or sound...
  • Ready to Install Package: All you need to do is align to the satellite of your choice then add twin coax cable, F connectors and your own receiver. You will be able to enjoy clear video and audio...

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Positioning a Truck TV

Your cab is your domain and sometimes home from home, and all truck cabs are arranged in different ways so the first thing you want to establish is if I had a TV where would I put it to watch TV when parked up.

This can help you determine the size of TV you may want to purchase, If you have a flat dashboard and could stand a large TV set on it that would be a great place to locate a TV set.

You may have a dashboard that is impossible to sit a TV on so you may want to opt for a smaller TV set that you can position more easily.

Some trucks have a passenger seat that folds down flat giving you a great surface area to position a truck TV.

Thank you for reading this article “Best TV for truck drivers” we hope you found it useful for choosing a truck TV for your cab.


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