Digital Tachograph Manual Entry How-To

Digital Tachograph Manual Entry

Many new truck drivers struggle with different tachograph entries this article will explain How to enter a digital tachograph manual entry.

When would you need to enter a manual entry?

Manual entries are entered into your tachograph unit, this shows work done after removing your tachograph driver’s card the previous day.

Firstly in most cases when you remove your tacho card on a previous shift you don’t necessarily complete your working hours right away, an example of this could be after your return to the yard, you remove your card because you are close to your driving hours, then spend 1 hour washing your vehicle then leave work for home.

What would be required in this instance, a manual entry would be made the following day showing an entry for one hour, this shows you were doing other work for that hour before leaving work.

when would I do a manual entry

What are the steps to enter a manual entry?

  1. Place your driver card into the Tachograph unit
  2. when the tachograph unit has displayed when the driver’s card was last removed it will then show 1M Entry addition? (1 manual entry addition?) with the default “yes” click ok on menu selection.
  3. Use your down arrows to select the cross hammers located below the letter M and click ok on menu selection.
  4. After completing part 3 you are now able to use your down arrow to change the date on the bottom line to the previous date required and press ok on menu selection.
  5. After completing part 4 you will now be able to use your arrows to change the time to the actual time you finished your shift, change the hours to the correct finish time and click ok, then change the minutes to the correct time and click ok, you will now be returned to today’s date.
  6. The tachograph display will now show the mode on rest click ok, today’s date click ok, now you will need to enter your actual start time for your shift today, for example, you may have started your shift at 06.00 hours but it is now showing 06.20 hours change the time to 06.00 hours by using the down arrow until the correct time is showing and click ok and then do the same for the minutes.
  7. Now you will return to another screen showing the actual time and break mode! You will need to change the break mode to cross hammers as you are now working, and importantly you will need to change the time to 1 minute after the time you entered as your start time, so if you started at 06.00hours enter 06.01 hours. You will now see 06.01 on the top line and the correct time below ok this and then ok your start country.

Video Instruction

Thanks to Trucker Jay for making this video.

Conclusion - Digital Tachograph Manual Entry

As you can see from the steps above adding a manual entry can seem confusing but once you have done it a few times it will be fairly straightforward to do.

Manual entries are entered to show the hours of other work done after removing your driver’s card at the end of the previous shift.

Manual entries need to be done correctly to keep your tachograph records correct and avoid infringements.

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I hope this explanation of the Digital tachograph manual entry how-to is easy to follow and helps you to make manual entries on your tachograph.