How To Keep Warm Working During Winter Months: Keeping Your Head, Hands, and Feet Warm

The winter months can be brutal for truck drivers. It’s important that they stay warm while on the road, and safety clothing is an essential part of this process. If you’re looking to keep your head warm, hands warm, or feet warm (or all three!), here are some tips for how to keep warm working during winter months without compromising your safety in the cold!

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Standard Winter Clothing for Truck Drivers

Whether you work for a company or work for yourself truck driving can be a harsh experience working during the winter months. The standard clothing a truck driver wears when on-site or waiting for the forklift to finish loading a trailer is a high viz coat, trousers, a hard hat, and boots, to protect them from cold weather conditions, these items are normally issued by the company they work for.

Extra protection from the cold is often overlooked so we will take a look at some great cold-weather accessories that can make working in cold weather much easier and help truck drivers to keep warm working during winter months.

Let’s start from the head down because most heat is lost through the head and how you dress your head is vital to how well the rest of your body will stay warm.

Thermal Helmet Warmer for Hard Hats

Our First accessory is the thermal helmet warmer, safety is essential when working outside of the truck cab so a hard hat is often worn by a truck driver, the hard hat is a plastic shell that will protect the head from injury but does not provide much warmth, a thermal helmet warmer fits neatly under a hard hat providing a barrier to the cold and keeping your head toastie warm when working outdoors.

Thermal Neck Warmer

The second accessory is the neck warmer, it will keep the back of your head warm and prevent you from getting cold when exposed to temperatures in sub-zero conditions for long periods at a time. It can be either knitted or made out of fleece material that are both good materials because they trap heat within them very well.

Winter Working Gloves

The third accessory is gloves; many truck drivers will have standard-issue gloves but whilst they protect your hands from cuts or abrasions they don’t really provide much warmth, we have selected some amazing gloves that will do both, protect your hands as well as keep them warm during the winter.

Thermal Underwear

Our fourth accessory is thermal underwear, in extreme weather conditions thermal underwear is a must, it is made from lightweight thermal material that wicks moisture away from your skin whilst keeping you warm, there are many different types and makes of thermal underwear on the market so finding the right one for you should not be a problem.



Winter Work Socks

The fifth accessory is socks; It is so easy to grab the first pair of socks you see when getting dressed for work but wearing socks with added warmth protection is a great idea, how you wear them is important too. Make sure they are not exposed to any moisture when wearing because moisture will make the material inside your socks damp and it can lead to frostbite which would be very painful indeed!

Work Boots

Our final accessory is Boots; Keeping your feet dry and warm is as important as keeping your head warm during the winter, if you are wearing company issue boots they are often a cheap option that will not provide the necessary warmth protection for your feet, a good pair of boots that come up to the ankle are essential in extreme weather conditions.

When Possible Get in The Truck Cab For a Brief Warm-up

Very often when loading and unloading there are opportunities to get into your truck cab to get out of the cold, forklift drivers may go on a break, an order is still being prepared, or there is a delay with paperwork, when you have these chances to warm up it’s important that you take them, by doing this you will keep your body temperature high and stop yourself from getting too cold.

Lorry Driver Tips For Keeping Warm Working During Winter Months Waiting To Load or Unload a Truck

  1. – Use a thermal helmet warmer
  2. – Wear a neck warmer
  3. – Use gloves with added warmth protection
  4. – Wear thermal underwear
  5. – Wear socks that come up to the ankle or above
  6. – Wear good quality boots that provide warmth and water resistance.
  7. – Get into the truck for a brief warm-up if possible

There you have it, how to keep warm working during winter months as a lorry driver! some simple but effective accessories can really make a difference when working in cold weather conditions. Stay safe and warm out there!