LED Flashing lights for vehicles Site Safety delivery warning beacons

LED flashing lights for vehicles

LED flashing lights are a very important part of truck safety, they effectively warn anybody nearby that you are there and that your vehicle could be a potential hazard.

Road and site safety is not only an important factor for keeping others safe but most importantly helps to keep you safe when performing your daily duties.

Flashing LED lights can warn pedestrians, motorists, work colleagues, and site workers that you are carrying out work in a hazardous place allowing them to either slow down or avoid the potentially hazardous area completely.

When making a delivery, loading, or unloading it is the truck driver’s responsibility to ensure the area around his or her truck is made as safe as possible to ensure the loading or unloading can be achieved safely, LED flashing lights are an excellent way to achieve this.

LED flashing lights for vehicles

LED flashing lights for vehicles are available in different sizes each with mounting positions some can be fixed permanently to the vehicle and some are portable usually as a mag-mount or window dash option.

Examples of Different LED flashing lights for vehicles

Rotating LED Flashing light with Magnetic Base


  • 48 LED High Intensity Amber Strobe Lights
  • 2 different Strobe and Rotate patterns
  • Emergency strobe light with Low power consumption
  • Patterns change easily by press button
  • Long lasting led warning lights with over 50,000 hours life
  • Flashing strobe light Mounted with magnet, easily attach to any metal top
  • Universal compatibility for vehicles equipped with 12 – 30volt DC cigarette adapter

Tocas 12/24V LED strobe beacon with magnetic base


Magnetic LED Mini Warning Lightbar, Yellow, safe choice for Utility vehicles, construction vehicles, tow trucks, snow plows, oversize load vehicles, slow vehicles, construction vehicles.

  • 20 Watts Bright.
  • Work Voltage DC12V to DC24V.
  • 9 flashing patterns. Approx. 30,000 hrs life expectancy, consuming less power than standard bulbs.
  • strong magnetic base for easy roof top attachment.
  • Cable length approx. 3m/~9.8 FT.

Compatible with: 12 or 24v volt DC cigarette adapter.

Additional Features:

  • 9 different selectable strobe patterns with a push of a button.
  • Mode change with a press of a button.
  • Up to 30,000 hrs life expectancy.
  • Redesigned LED with optical lense to allow brighter lights that can be seen at greater distance.


Mode 1:Keep on all the LEDs
Mode 2:Turn off the all LEDs
Mode 3:Strobes between Left panels and right panels
Mode 4: Strobes between front+Left panels and rear+right panels
Mode 5: Flashes clockwise
Mode 6: Flashes counter clockwise
Mode 7:Strobes all LED then Strobes Left panel and right panels, then repeat
Mode 8:Strobes all LED rapid
Mode 9:Strobes all LED leisurely

LED Vehicle Flashing Beacon 12/24V High Quality


High Quality ABS Housing + LED + Aluminum Mounting Bracket (Easy attach on the roof).

Guaranteed to be the highest quality.

Each unit consists of 56 high intensity LEDs.

15 Flashing modes with a switch button and built-in fuse.

Top Quality LED with more than 50,000 hours life span.

waterproof glue on four sides to protect it.


Universal for DC 12V – 24V vehicles with mounting roof.


Light Size: Length: approx. 29.5″ (75cm) – Width: 8.8″(22.5cm) – Height: 4.7″ (12cm)

LED Flashing Beacon Din Pole for Truck Cab


  • LED Rotating Flashing Amber Beacon Flexible DIN Pole Warning Light.
  • 12-24 12V – 24V LED.
  • Flexible Stem Impact Resistant Lens.
  • Height: 250mm Dia. 126mm 40 x SMD5050 LEDs.
  • 3 selectable Flash Patterns (Rotating, Double Flash and Quad Flash).

Meets IP56 International protection Standards Full UK and European approval for legal road use (ECE R65) (E9 MARK).

Grill mount LED Flashing strobe lights


  • 16 x bright LED chips (2 LED per light).
  • 7 flashing modes.
  • Interior on/off mode selector switch.
  • Mounts easily to your front grill with clips attached to the LED lights.
  • LED controlled box.
  • switch and power cable.

Amber Grill Mount LED Emergency Flashing Strobe Light Set for Trucks/Lorries and other vehicles.

7 modes that can be selected from a dashboard-mounted switch and is a simple DIY install.


LED Flashing lights will let people in your immediate vicinity know you are there and that you could be a potential hazard.

Simple LED Flashing lights for vehicles could save you and others from personal harm.

Always keep your warning lights visible and clean them on a regular basis to ensure maximum visibility.

Do Not use your warning lights whilst traveling on a road unless you are a potential hazard for instance carrying a wide load.

leaving your warning lights on by mistake whilst on the road could render the lights to become ineffective to other motorists, they will start to ignore warning lights after time if this occurs too often.

It is an offense to use hazard warning beacons in a public place if you are not causing a potential hazard.

Be Seen – Be Safe – Be Smart

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