Ratchet Straps 6 Metre 50MM 5 Ton x 2 (5000KG 6M Tie Down Lashing Claw J Hook) Truck Trailer Lashing Straps Quick Release Ratchet 100% polyester

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Set of two, 50mm 6 Metre 5 Ton Ratchet Straps with Claw Hook
Made from a hard wearing, durable, blue polyester webbing
Long wide ratchet handles ensure easy ratcheting down of goods



Ratchet Straps 6 Metre 50MM 5 Ton x 2

This set of ratchet lashing straps is the perfect addition to your transportation equipment, making light work of securing your loads. These are suitable for use with many kinds of transportation, whether for leisure or commercial use.
Abrasion Resistant 6 Metre Length 50MM Wide Webbing.

The 6 metre length will cover a wide range of trailers to help tie down any cargo you need to shift from one warehouse to another. The 50mm width also helps to spread the force of the load over a wider area of the cargo. These ratchets use claw hooks at each end to grip onto a lashing point, of which these are manufactured with a yellow passivated zinc plated finish.
Strong & Durable Ratchet Lashing Strap Material.

The webbing is made from a tough 100% polyester material to ensure a long working life of each ratchet. Long wide handles make easy work of ratcheting. These are also fitted with a quick-release mechanism to ensure minimal delays during transportation. Each ratchet will come with a Certificate of Conformity. These are manufactured to the EN12195-2, DIN60060, AS/NZS4380 standards.

We can supply alternative lengths and tailored colours. Special requirements and quantities are available upon request, along with our range of ratchet handles and fittings.


Quantity: 2
Colour: Blue
Conforms To: EN12195-2, DIN60060, AS/NZS4380
Length: 6 Metres
Width: 50MM (2 Inch)
Minimum Breaking Load: 5 Tonne (5000KG)
Factor Of Safety: 2:1
Product Code: SFRL505T6/2
Weight: 4.4kg

Set of 2, 50mm 6 Metre 5 Ton Ratchet Straps with Claw Hook
Constituted of a troublesome dressed in, sturdy, blue polyester webbing
Long wide ratchet handles be certain simple ratcheting down of products
Protection Issue – 2:1
Manufactured To EN12195-2 DIN60060 AS/NZS4380

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