LoadSurfer Manual Pallet Truck 2500kg Hand Pump Push Jack Trolley Nylon Wheels Tapered Forks Fully Assembled 540x1150mm, 1 Year Warranty

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2500kg Maximum Capacity Hand Pallet Truck, 540mm Width x 1150 Length
Equipped with Hard wearing Nylon Wheels & 3 Position Control Handle
Tapered Fork Tips With Entry Guide Roller, Top Quality Hydraulic Pump Unit



LoadSurfer Manual Pallet Truck 2500kg

2500kg Most Capacity Hand Pallet Truck, 540mm Width x 1150 Length Equipped with Laborious dressed in Nylon Wheels & 3 Position settings with Tapered Fork Guidelines With Entry Guide Roller, Most sensible Quality Hydraulic Pump Unit Equipped Fully Assembled & Tested with a 12 Month Warranty.

Are you troubled by lifting heavy goods and supplies in your warehouse or transport yard? The first few boxes can usually be easily managed but after consistent lifting and transporting heavy or bulky goods, this can fatigue even the most seasoned workers.

A pallet truck, which may also be called a pallet jack or a pallet pump is the most basic form of forklift available. They are designed to lift and move pallets and palletized loads, That’s where hand pallet trucks come to the rescue to make the process incredibly easier and faster maximizing the productivity of any workplace.

If you’re looking for a new pallet truck with our 2500KG LoadSurfer Pallet Pump Truck is perfect for you. Alongside nylon wheels, this pallet truck is fitted with a high-quality hydraulic pump unit and triple action control handle which helps you when lifting, lowering, or steering. It also comes fully assembled and tested, complete with tapered fork tips and an entry guide roller.

Equipped with durable & hard-wearing wheels means this pallet truck is well suited for whatever any industrial workplace may have to throw at them such as spillages or debris on the ground, which makes them the perfect option for factories, haulage, and manufacturing plants.

LoadSurfer Manual Pallet Truck 2500kg

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