The Best Truck Sat Nav 2022: British Trucking Guide For HGV Drivers

Looking for the best truck sat nav 2022? Look no further! In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best truck sat nav devices on the market, as well as some affordable alternatives. Trucking can be a difficult job, and having a good GPS device can make your life a lot easier. We’ll discuss what to look for in a truck sat-nav, as well as some of the features that are necessary for modern trucking in Britain.

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What should drivers consider before purchasing a truck sat nav?

There are many sat nav devices for trucks on the market, but not all of them are created equal. When looking for a truck GPS, you’ll need to consider the size and weight of the unit, as well as its features. Some of the most important features for truck drivers include:

  • Updated maps: Make sure your device has up-to-date maps, or you could find yourself driving in the wrong direction, also ensure that updating maps in the future is a straightforward fast, and efficient method such as Wi-Fi updates.
  • Truck-specific routing: Many sat navs have special routing features for trucks, which can help you avoid low bridges, heavy traffic, and narrow roads.
  • Voice commands: Hands-free operation is essential for truck drivers, as it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times.
  • Spoken directions: Some sat navs also provide spoken directions, which can be helpful for those who are not familiar with the area.
  • Traffic updates: Stay up-to-date on traffic conditions and avoid jams and delays.
  • Parking information: Find parking spots near your destination and save time and hassle.
  • Fuel stops: Another important consideration for truck drivers is the availability of fuel stops along your route. Make sure your sat nav has a list of reliable and up-to-date fuel stations, so you can always keep your vehicle running.

Best Truck Sat Nav 2022 - Top 5 Premium Selection

British Trucking Best Premium Truck Sat Nav Choice

TomTom Go Expert Truck Sat Nav

The TomTom Go Expert Truck Sat Nav has all the features you need to navigate your big rig safely and efficiently. Get clear alerts in real time for restrictions that might impact your vehicle, such as bridge heights, ADR tunnels, UN Class restrictions and toll locations. Find the fastest routes around congestion with real-time traffic info delivered via Bluetooth – plus one (free) year of speed camera alerts for safer drives. Avoid unexpected surprises. Easily plan a route based on your vehicle size, weight, cargo type and max speed, including ADR Tunnel Code and UN Class restrictions. Advanced routing with moving lane guidance ensures you’ll have time to get in the right lane before highway junctions.

Garmin dēzl LGV1000 MT-DTruck Sat-nav with 10-Inch Display, Custom Truck Routing and Several...
  • The Digital Traffic (DAB) and the RDS Traffic service via traffic cable is not available or will be switched off in the near future in all countries other than Germany and Switzerland. This device is...
TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Professional 620 with European Maps and Traffic Services (via Smartphone)...
  • Widescreen 6 Inch touchscreen. Use a Wi-Fi network with a download speed of at least 30 MB/S, especially when updating maps which can be large downloads
  • Customised Large Vehicle (Truck, Bus, Coach and Motorhome) Routing
  • Lifetime Full Europe Truck Map, Integrated Traffic and Speed Camera Updates
Snooper TRUCKMATE S6900 PLUS/PRO- New & Improved for Truck, Lorry and HGV specialist, Sat Nav System...
  • Award-Winning Satellite Navigation System - The Snooper truck sat nav is a specialist GPS product specifically designed for trucks, lorries, and HGV use, helping commercial vehicle drivers get to...
  • Multi-Route Technology - Input up to 16 destinations; Truck Mate then finds the most economical route to save both time and money. Truck Mate's lane and junction guidance view showing the optimum...
  • Built In Alerts - Input the Height and Width limits for up to 10 vehicles, the Truck mate will then alert you before reaching an impassable bridge or tunnel so that an alternative route can be taken

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How does a truck GPS help to speed up deliveries?

A good truck GPS can help to speed up your deliveries by providing accurate and up-to-date information on traffic conditions, road closures, and construction delays. By avoiding traffic jams and delays, you can save time and money on your deliveries.

Multi routing is also a valuable feature in modern truck sat nav devices, with multiple route entries the GPS will work out the fastest, safest, most time-efficient routes for your deliveries or collections saving time and money when routing.

How can a truck driver get into trouble using a truck sat nav?

The most common reason that truck drivers get into trouble using a truck sat nav is the information entered into the GPS device was incorrect! When using a truck sat nav always check your settings carefully before starting a journey as simple errors can cause lots of problems on the roads of Britain.

Some common errors include:

  • Incorrect postcode entry – It is always good practice to double-check a postcode that has been printed on your delivery notes. Most drivers have access to a mobile phone and the internet simply type the postcode into a search engine and see what it finds. If the addresses in the search results correspond with your delivery address that’s great and you are good to go, but occasionally mistakes are made so it is best to check first.
  • Incorrect Vehicle Entry: – Always ensure the vehicle details stored into the sat nav are correct, make sure the device is set up using the same measurements that you enter, such as feet and inches for example. Many drivers use their sat navs to drive different vehicles, you might be an agency driver, or your vehicle is in the garage for a service. Simply double-checking your settings before driving can save so much hassle when driving.
  • Multi-drop settings: Modern truck sat nav devices will give a driver the ability to enter multiple postcodes for multi-drop deliveries. It is very easy to enter numerous postcodes in the wrong order which can greatly increase your journey time and could make the difference between getting home or sleeping in the cab, so once again double-check before starting your journey.

As you can see with the examples above is always a good idea to spend 5 or 10 minutes double-checking the information entered into a truck sat nav before setting out onto the road.

How does a truck GPS help to get drivers out of trouble?

A good truck sat nav can also help you to avoid getting into trouble while driving. If you are unfamiliar with an area, a truck GPS can provide you with spoken directions that will help to keep you on track. Additionally, many truck sat navs come with features such as speed limit warnings and lane guidance, which can help you to stay safe while driving.

Diversions can be a headache for truck drivers, but a truck sat nav will reroute you safely from any deviation from a route or should you take a wrong turn.

A truck sat nav will ensure that you avoid dangers such as low bridges, weight limits, dangerous routes with steep hills, narrow bridges, and more.

Best Truck Sat Nav 2022 - Top 5 Budget Selection

British Trucking Best Budget Truck Sat Nav Choice

Sniper SN-702T Truck Sat Nav

Introducing the Sniper SN-702T Truck Sat Nav – your trusty travel companion for navigating big rigs through tight city streets and highways at an affordable price. This high-resolution device features a 7″ touch screen LCD display for clear viewing, as well as 800 x 480 pixels for stunning image quality. Plus, it comes equipped with a fast 800MHz ARM Cortex A7 processor and 256MB RAM to ensure a smooth user experience.
The SN-702T also includes a Windows CE 6.0 operating system and supports 7 digit UK postcodes. And with its latest 2D/3D maps of the UK and Europe (48 countries in total), you’ll be able to plot your route with pinpoint precision.

SAT NAV 2022 Map, Jimwey GPS Navigation for Car Lorry Truck with Voice Guidance and Speed Camera...
  • 【Plug and Play】 Pre-installed with the most up-to-date 52 countries UK/European 2022 map. Don't bother to download any map by your side, just turn it on, then enjoy your journey with this...
  • 【HD Touch Screen & Smoothly Operation】Looking for a large and high definition screen? Come and try Jimwey 7 inch large HD touch screen sat nav. With upgraded capacitive HD touch screen, it is more...
  • 【Practical Multi-Funtions SAT NAV】 ①Support POSTCODE, Address and POI Search (Please check User Manual for details); ②Provide intelligent current SPEED CAMERA ALERTS, Sound Warning and Route...
Aonerex Sat Nav, 7 inch Truck Satnav with 2022 UK Europe Maps (Free Lifetime Updates)GPS...
  • 【LIFETIME MAP UPDATED FOR FREE】Newest Maps of UK and Europe are pre-installed. Aonerex provides customers with life time free maps updates at no extra cost which is a great value for money, please...
  • 【7 INCH CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREEN】The 7-inch high-definition touch screen of Aonerex Sat Nav is really user friendly when it comes to its operation, very smooth responses. The 120-degree viewing...
  • 【MULTILINGUAL VOICE GUIDANCE】Voice navigation for all sections, turning reminders, speed limit reminders, voice notifications for gas stations, stores, school districts, red lights and high-speed...

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What benefits are there using a truck sat nav instead of a map book?

Both truck sat navs and map books have a role to play for truck drivers, a sat nave will give you real-time information as you are driving which is certainly beneficial over a map book, map books provide valuable information allowing drivers to see possible problems they could encounter such as rivers, and mountains for example.

Using both a truck sat nav and a good quality map book is the best way a truck driver can navigate as safely as possible in the UK, so here at British Trucking we would recommend that truck drivers use both options to achieve the best results on the road.

Some great map book options for trucking!

Truck sat nav safety

Although modern truck sat navs are extremely accurate it is always important to remember that any trucking GPS device is simply a tool to help you navigate UK roads.

Always ensure that you do not rely 100% on the information provided and be aware of road signs and traffic conditions at all times.

It is also a good idea to keep your truck sat nav up-to-date with the latest maps, many devices now offer free map updates for life so there really is no excuse not to have the most accurate information when driving in Britain.

Positioning a truck sat nav for a better navigation experience

The positioning of a truck sat nav is also crucial for a good navigation experience. With most devices, you have the option to mount it on the windscreen or dashboard of your vehicle. Whichever location you choose, make sure that the device is easily visible and within reach so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for too long.

Also, be aware that some sat navs have a tendency to reflect sunlight which can make it difficult to see the screen while driving. If this is an issue for you, try using a sun visor or shade to help reduce glare.

As technology advances, so too does the truck sat nav. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest devices and features on offer to help you improve your navigation experience, keeping yourself and other road users safe.

It is not always necessary to use the windscreen mount provided with most truck GPS devices, in fact, I use a GPS holder called the crocodile which allows me to position the sat nav almost anywhere in a truck, even sitting on the center console within the vehicle to remove it from the window altogether.

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The benefits of a truck sat nav for modern day HGV driving

Truck sat navs are now an essential part of any commercial vehicle driver’s life. We spend so much time on the roads these days that having a reliable device to guide us safely from A to B is a must.

The best truck sat navs for UK drivers can help the driver in several ways:

Avoiding unexpected hazards such as roadworks or traffic jams and diversions, rerouting you around any problems that may arise during your journey so you don’t waste precious time getting lost. Also, helping the driver avoid any low bridges or weight limits that might cause problems with a particular delivery.

Avoiding road traffic accidents (RTAs) by ensuring you are always aware of your surroundings and what other drivers are doing around you at all times, which is especially important on motorways when traveling long distances over many hours per day.

The best truck sat navs also help drivers find their way around unfamiliar cities, making it easier to navigate and avoid costly fines for missing deliveries due to not knowing where you are going.

UK Trucking Tips: How To Use A UK Truck Sat Nav Effectively

Avoid using a mobile phone as your primary navigation device. GPS devices specifically designed for trucks are made to take all trucking scenarios into account and are less likely to lose a signal at crucial times in a journey.

Use a truck sat nav that is designed to be used in the UK and Europe, these devices are specifically designed for UK commercial vehicles, so they will have all the maps and features you need to navigate around Britain safely.

Make sure your truck GPS device is up-to-date with recent maps before setting off on any journey as this will help to avoid any last minute surprises or diversions.

Keep your device charged at all times, most truck sat navs come with an in-car charger so you can top up the battery while driving. If your device runs out of power, it could leave you stranded and lost on a busy motorway.

Be sure to regularly update your truck sat nav with the latest maps. Many devices come with updates as standard, but it’s important to check this before you set off on a long journey. outdated maps can lead to disaster.

Current Top 5 Bestselling Truck Sat Navs

Best Selling 1
TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Professional 620 with European Maps and Traffic Services (via Smartphone)...
  • Widescreen 6 Inch touchscreen. Use a Wi-Fi network with a download speed of at least 30 MB/S, especially when updating maps which can be large downloads
  • Customised Large Vehicle (Truck, Bus, Coach and Motorhome) Routing
  • Lifetime Full Europe Truck Map, Integrated Traffic and Speed Camera Updates
Best Selling 2
OHREX N76 Bluetooth Sat Nav 798, 7 inch with UK Europe Maps 2024(Free Lifetime Update), Satnav for...
  • 【World Maps & Free Lifetime Update】 Pre-Installed with the latest 2024 Europe UK Ireland maps. Maps of Australia,NZ,USA or Canada is available to install free anytime. You are suggested to update...
  • 【FREE UPGRADE】 Latest touchscreen technology, no need for styluses, HD display providing clearer viewing for poor eyesight, can be seen in bright sun light, say goodbye to silly sunshades,...
  • 【BLUETOOTH HANDS-FREE CALLING】Bluetooth will allow you to connect your mobile phone to the SAT NAVS, synchronise your mobile phone book and make phone calls more convenient.
Best Selling 3
Sat Nav, 7 inch GPS Navigator for Car, Truck, HGV with 2024 UK Europe Maps, Lifetime Free Updates,...
  • 【Get Free Map Downloads】This sat nav comes with the latest maps for the UK and EU, plus we have maps for over 50 countries including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia and more for you...
  • 【7-Inch Touch Screen 】The auto GPS navigation device for car truck has a 7-inch touchscreen, which offers quite wide visibility and is decent in terms of sensitivity, and is equipped with a...
  • 【Intelligent GPS Navigator】This truck sat nav features with many convenient searching methods like postcode, address, coordinate searching & POI. It also comes with a speed camera alert, street...
SaleBest Selling 4
Garmin dēzl LGV710, HGV Truck GPS Sat Nav, 7" display, Custom Truck Routing, Birdseye Direct...
  • 7” touchscreen truck sat nav offers a bright, crisp high-resolution display
  • Get custom truck routing based on the size and weight of your truck, and see alerts for upcoming bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep grades and more
  • Leading-edge arrival planning with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery provides high-resolution aerial views of loading docks, truck entrances and security gates
Best Selling 5
Xgody Sat Nav 7 Inch, with 2024 UK Ireland Europe Maps (Free Lifetime Updates), Satnav for Car Truck...
  • 【Lifetime Free Map Updates】This sat nav for cars uk 2024 comes preloaded with the latest 2024 European UK and Ireland maps, and we support free map updates. If you require maps for other countries...
  • 【7-Inch Sat Nav with Sunshade】The truck sat nav uk features a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen with a sunshade, which can effectively block out sunlight during the day and avoid reflection at...
  • 【Intelligent Sat Nav】① Supports 5 search methods, including postcode, address, POI, coordinates, and favorites search; ② Provide speed limit reminders, speed camera reminders, etc., and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best truck sat nav?

The TomTom Go Expert has to be the best truck sat nav available, it is 4 times more responsive and updates 3 times faster than any other GPS for trucks currently available. With a 7 inch HD screen, multi route settings, large vehicle settings such as height, width, length and weight the TomTom Go Expert keeps you safe when navigating in a truck. Updates are easy for the Go expert it’s all done by its built in 5Ghz Wifi so keeping maps up to date is effortless.

Does Google maps provide directions for trucks?

The simple answer is no, google do not currently provide truck routing via their mapping app, it is always better to use a dedicated truck sat nav for navigating a large vehicle although google maps is very useful as a backup option should your GPS fail.

What is the best truck routing app for iPhone?

Copilot is probably the best trucking app on iPhone providing truck safe navigation, although at British Trucking we believe a dedicated truck sat nav is the best option for navigating roads in a large vehicle.

Is a dedicated truck sat nav better than a phone app?

There are many reasons why a truck sat nav might be a better choice than relying on a phone app. One of the most important is that phones just aren’t built for the job. They can’t offer the same level of durability, functionality, or precision that you get with a specialist truck sat nav.

Although modern phone apps now allow you to access truck sat nav options in most cases the cost outweighs the quality and performance that a dedicated truck sat nav offers.

A phone app can cost around £100 a year to access all the features, the screen size of a phone makes it more difficult to set up and view in comparison to a dedicated truck sat nav device.

The dedicated truck sat navs have been purpose-built for commercial vehicles so they have larger displays that are easy to read, even when you’re driving.

On many of the phone apps, they have been developed for the car market with a truck option usually as a secondary feature which can make them inaccurate, especially on the cheaper apps.

A dedicated truck sat nav will have been made with commercial vehicles in mind so the maps and routing will be completely accurate, helping you to avoid any costly mistakes.

If you need to make a phone call during your journey or search the internet on a tacho break, very often you then need to set up the app again to continue which can be tiresome and time-consuming, to avoid this you would need to carry 2 phones, one as a sat nav the other as a phone!

There are benefits to using a phone app such as offline mapping, and easy updates on the premium apps, but as a driver, you are totally in the hands of the app creators to ensure updates are current and without errors.

There are many truck drivers who do use a phone for navigation so they obviously work, but in our opinion, a dedicated truck sat nav is always going to be the best option. Not only for the ease of use but also for your safety on the roads.

Best Truck Sat Navs 2022 Video


A truck sat nav is an essential piece of kit for any driver. It will help you get from A to B with ease and safety, as well as saving time and money by avoiding costly diversions due to not knowing where the best route is or how long it takes. Truck GPS devices also allow drivers to avoid low bridges or weight limits that might cause problems with a particular delivery.

Most devices come pre-installed with maps for the UK and Europe, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any of your favourite destinations because they’re not covered by other GPS products on the market. There are many different truck sat nav options available today, but choosing one that suits your needs best can be difficult.

This guide should help you find the perfect device for your truck and driving habits, so don’t delay any longer! if you don’t yet use a truck sat nav Start shopping now!

So, there you have it, our guide to the best truck sat nav 2022 for British truck drivers.

We hope that this article has been helpful and provided you with some useful information on choosing the right device for your needs.

Remember to always double-check all settings before starting a journey and be aware of your surroundings at all times when driving.

Safe driving!