Toilet ideas for truck drivers don’t get caught short

Driving a truck is a great job but involves long hours at the wheel up to 4.5 hrs at a time, toilet breaks are an important part of a truck drivers day and can require planning before a journey starts, below you will find some great toilet ideas for truck drivers if you should get caught short before reaching a service area or workplace toilet.

The subject of going to the toilet is not usually a topic most truckers wish to talk about, but as a truck driver myself, I know the pressure you are under when your miles from anywhere and you really need to go.

Toilet ideas for truck drivers

Take a look at these great options to get you out of a very sticky situation!

Portable Toilet Bucket

Portable toilet bucket with seat small and compact a simple idea for when you need to go, this portable toilet facility will fit neatly in your truck cab in the passenger foot-well or in a suitable storage box.

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Leak-Proof Portable Unisex Urinal

Leak-proof portable Unisex urinal developed to aid you when it is impossible to wait any longer and you need to go pee-pee right now.

Ideal for truck drivers who sleep out in a lay-by or truck parking without access to toilets.

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Disposable Urinal Bags

Disposable Urinal Bags are excellent for when you are stuck in a traffic jam with no time to lose, there is nothing worse than having to cross your legs for a long period of time, and also it can be bad for your health.

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Portable toilet with refill pack

lightweight folding portable toilet includes 6 replacement bags steel legs with plastic seat (max load 14ST) an easy to store portable loo great for the truck.

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Travel John Disposable Urinal

Travel John is essentially a sealable bag with gel crystals (like a nappy) to soak up the urine, and a plastic collar to allow for accurate deposits. The product is very easy to use and can be sealed and disposed of without any mess.

A great option for truck drivers who need toilet options on a long journey.

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Large 20 ltr Portable toilet

This is a great toilet option for trunking drivers who may need more of a permanent solution, especially if parking in roadside lay-bys with two tanks that lock together.


  • Comes with thoughtful water level indicator for easily to operate water infusion
  • Lightweight deign, comes with a non-woven bag, easy to carry, store and to transport
  • Simple design, completely self contained, needs no external water or power connection
  • Adult-sized design, is also suitable for children, practical and functional

Operational controls

  1. Open the fresh water holding tank, fill the tank with fresh water just below the neck mouth and then tighten the cap up.
  2. Pull the slide valve out before usage.
  3. Depress bellows pump to rinse bowl after brush if necessary.
  4. Close slide valve by pushing fully for next time to use.
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Pop up Toilet tent

For privacy, a great option for using a portable toilet is this handy pop-up toilet tent in reality not suitable for most places but in certain circumstances, this could be used if you are out in the wilds when parked.

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Recent Problems with Toilets for Truck Drivers

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many truck drivers had problems with companies not allowing them to use their toilet facilities, this caused outrage because not only was it not lawful, it also put truck drivers in a difficult situation.

Many of the service stations closed their washroom facilities and sometimes toilets too, so having a portable toilet option that allows a truck driver to go to the toilet at any time is a very useful asset for a truck driver to have.

Thank you for reading this article “Toilet ideas for truck drivers don’t get caught short” If you would like to leave a comment about your experiences or ideas please do so in the comments below.!