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Why Truckers Should Have a Dash Cam!

Why truckers should have a dash cam

Some people may think that truck drivers don’t need a dashcam because their vehicles are big and tough. However, in Britain, there have been many cases of accidents with heavy trucks where the driver was not to blame. In these situations, it’s difficult for insurance companies to figure out who was at fault. This is why truckers should consider having a dashcam!

What is a Dash Cam?

A dashcam is an additional camera that attaches to the inside of a vehicle. It has two main purposes:

  • To provide visual evidence if there’s ever an accident or something happens outside a vehicle that requires reference to later
  • As a way to record footage for pleasure, as seen in many YouTube videos

Dashcams are especially popular among truck drivers since they often get into accidents due to the number of hours spent on the road, in most cases their driving isn’t at fault but it can be difficult to prove this and figure out who was responsible. Dashcams offer video proof so truckers don’t end up paying for damages that aren’t theirs, also the footage shows employers that they were not to blame, which could potentially save them their job!

Below is a video from my Dash Cam some years ago which shows just what can happen at a moment’s notice.

Truck Driver Near Miss With Cow – Does it make sense to keep a visual record?

Can you imagine going back into your workplace and telling your transport manager “a cow caused damage to the side of my truck”, would they believe you?

Do Truck Drivers Really Need A Dash Cam?

why truckers should have a dashcam

While you could easily put a Dash camera in just about anything these days, it actually makes sense to have one in your truck.

Truck drivers may not think they need a dashcam because of their size, but many accidents happen where the driver is not to blame! This is why truckers should consider having a dashboard camera. Truckers can also use it as an extra way to record what’s going on around them when working at night in remote areas or if there are emergency situations that require additional assistance. When you get into an accident with another car and you’re found innocent of any wrongdoing, your dashcam footage will save the day so make sure you have one installed all year round!

We see so many acts of stupidity on the road by other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, even animals!

We all hope we never need to use the footage to get us out of trouble but should an incident occur a dash cam will give you peace of mind that you can show all events unfolding.

Video footage can be used to show your boss or insurance company in detail what actually happened if you should be involved in an accident.

A dashcam can also provide vital information for emergency services even if you were not involved in an accident but witnessed it.

Whatever the reason you may need video footage, a dashcam will always show the true events as they are recorded to your dash camera.

The Lighter Side of Dash Cams

Dash Cams are not only great for recording evidence of a collision they can also be used for capturing funny things that occur either on the road or even in the workplace.

A dashcam has many settings you can have a continuous recording or even set it to not record if nothing is moving in front of it with the use of motion sensors.

When parked at work, on a site, or on your break, something really funny could happen!

Dashcams can be a great way to have some fun in your day capturing moments you really would not want to miss.

Here are just a few of the things that you could capture with one:

  • A colleague dropping their lunch and getting it all over themselves.
  • Your boss tripping on his or her shoelaces, falling backward into an open manhole, then proceeding to get covered in dirt from head to toe.
  • The sun setting behind some trees and creating an amazing view for anyone who’s watching!

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what kind of dashcam footage you’ll be able to capture by installing this handy device onto your dashboard today!

YouTube is full of funny things caught on dash cams, so they also have a lighter side as well as a serious role within your truck, take a look at the British Trucking Youtube Channel.

Are Dash Cams Expensive?

Dash cameras are becoming less expensive all the time, as technology advances the devices become cheaper to manufacture, dash cams can also have added features such as speed alerts to assist you when driving.

The dash camera is generally marketed for cars, but the majority are powered by a 12v lighter socket plug so can easily be used in a truck.

Most trucks have a 24v and 12v output socket but if a truck only has a 24v option step-down transformers are readily available.

Below are a few examples of great dash cams that could be used in a truck, including the awesome Apeman Mini Dash Cam which is at the budget end of the market, The Snooper DVR dashcam which is a great dash camera leading up to the Vantrue T3 which is packed full of features aimed at commercial vehicles.

Apeman Mini Dash CAM

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Snooper Dash Cam with Speed Alerts

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Vantrue Dash Cam

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