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Truck Driving Best waterproof Clothing for a Concrete Mixer Driver

Truck Driving Best waterproof Clothing to keep you dry and warm

Truck driving during winter months can be a daunting time for a truck driver, keeping dry and warm is the most important task and will make your working day much more enjoyable, finding the best waterproof clothing for your truck driving day obviously depends on your job role.

Below are some examples of the best waterproof clothing options to keep you dry and warm.

There is nothing worse than being in damp clothes all day or your socks getting wet because your boots were not adequate enough for your job.

My current job role is driving a concrete mixer truck, this job involves loading in a plant and delivering concrete to customers for building projects.

The job role can sometimes be indoors where the concrete is poured under the roof of a building for example a farm building, this in itself is no problem with regards to weather but if the next job is pouring concrete into wheel barrows for a builder to barrow the concrete into a smaller building then standing at the rear of the mixer truck for long periods of time in rain, sleet, or even snow can be part of your normal working day.

Wearing waterproof clothing adequate enough for the job is essential, without it I would probably spend more time at home ill with cold and flu than I would at work, making sure your clothing is good enough for your job is an investment as sickness can cost you a lot of money throughout a year.

Below are my recommendations for Truck Driving the best waterproof clothing for a mixer driver, these items of clothing can be worn over your current uniform and keep you dry and warm.

Firstly a waterproof coat will protect the upper part of your body and Hi Vis for safety.

This Portwest Waterproof coat is perfect for the task, it is Hi Vis CE certified wit a concealed detachable hood, Inner ribbed cuffs, Front storm flap, two way zipper, fully lined and padded, waterproof and breathable  with taped seams.

View this coat on Amazon

So that is the top half  dry and warm, for your legs I would recommend These Hi Vis waterproof over trousers by MyShoeStore with elasticated waist with pocket access to your trousers underneath.

View these Waterproof over trousers on Amazon

The pocket access is not a problem if you have a full length waterproof coat like the one above but if you opt for a bomber style jacket then I would not recommend waterproof over trousers with this feature.

I did a water test on the above trousers and thanks to a friend of mine they were tested to the extreme to his amusement see video below.

Now we need to keep our feet dry so a good pair of boots are important I opted for a pair of Grafter rigger boots which are waterproof and also lined with a warm faux fir to keep you warm when I washed concrete off them with a jet wash whilst still wearing them my feet remained dry and I was very happy with them.

View these Grafter Rigger Boots on Amazon

I made a video showing the un-boxing of the above Grafter boots, they arrived the very next day after ordering and I was amazed by the quality compared to the low cost, see the video below.

There are many options of waterproof clothing including Coats, Jackets, Boots, Gloves and more, check out our Clothing, Footwear and Gloves categories to find the perfect waterproof clothing for your truck driving job.

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Truck Driving Best waterproof Clothing British Trucking article

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