10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Looking for a dash cam for your truck? In this article, we will show you our top 10 dash cam for truckers chosen by British Trucking.

British Trucking Top Pick

Garmin Mini Dash Cam

The Garmin mini dash cam is a neat compact dash camera that records in 1080p HD.

With a wide-angle lens, the Garmin mini captures a wide view in front of your vehicle.

The G-Sensor will capture accidents automatically, giving drivers peace of mind.

Benefits of a Dash Cam

Dash Cam footage can be used for many things, simply they record your journey and can provide video footage of anything that should occur when driving on roads, workplaces, Motorways, and off-road situations.

Insurance companies began to accept dash cam footage as evidence in 2015 so in the event of an accident or incident, this footage can really help insurers determine who was at fault.

Fleet managers can also benefit from dash cam footage enabling them to assess various risks that could affect the performance of their fleet or even driver safety.

Operators can also use dash cam footage to incorporate into their driver training sessions or induction meetings for example showing risk areas of a quarry, loading area, or unloading area that you may encounter within your daily duties.

road accident truck benefits of a dash cam

The benefits of a dashcam are great giving you peace of mind if something should happen when driving your truck or even when parked up on-site or overnight.

A dashcam in your windscreen will also deter criminals from approaching your vehicle but even if they do you will have evidence of any activity if your dashcam is fitted with motion sensors to record anything that moves.

Top 10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers

1. Garmin Mini Dash Cam

The Garmin Mini Dash cam is a quality, affordable dash camera that is easy to use and install. This compact device doesn’t take up any valuable space in front of the driver’s view, so you can drive safely without worrying about getting distracted by your surroundings. We at British Trucking have given this product our Top Rating as it offers excellent video quality while staying affordable, lightweight, and accessible. This camera gets our best dash cam for trucker’s 5-star rating.


2. Snooper DVR-WF1 Wi-Fi Enabled Dash Cam

The Snooper DVR-WF1 is the perfect companion for your Dash Cam and other needs. This discreet device can be unobtrusively fitted to any vehicle using the adhesive pad. The DVR-WF1 records onto an 8GB Micro SD card at 1080p HD utilizing a 6G lens with F1.8 aperture, so you will never miss a detail on the road.

Snooper’s new DVR-WF1 combines all of the features necessary for a Dash Cam together with even more! In addition to being able to easily attach this Discreet camera anywhere in your car, it also records at 1080p HD and has an Aperture of F/1.8 that provides excellent quality video recordings no matter what.

3. Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

The VANTRUE N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam is a new product that combines two high-quality Sony sensors in one easy to install dash cam device. The front and rear cameras give you the ability to record both angles at once, so it doesn’t matter which side of the vehicle an accident happens on. If you’re looking for a reliable dual camera system with ample storage space, this is a great choice.

The Dash Camera includes two 1920x1080P sensor cameras that are capable of recording 2.5K video when set to single front mode. This means the footage will be crisp and clear even from far away distances.

4. Azdome 4K Ultra Dash Cam

The Azdome Dash Cam is a sophisticated camera that will give you peace of mind when driving.

The Dash Cam has built-in GPS and WiFi. 2160P resolution for vivid and clear videos, 170° wide angle for a full coverage viewing angle, night vision capability so you can drive with confidence at all hours of the day or night, motion detection if something happens while parked to help protect against theft and provide evidence if needed, loop recording so no space is wasted storing old video footage that may not be relevant anymore. The dashboard cam also includes parking monitor mode to save power.

5. BlackVue DR590-X Dash Cam

The Blackvue 5R590X Dash Cam is a powerful dash camera that can be used to record videos of your drive. The video footage it records from its A+ grade lens captures the scenery in full HD 1080P and with 139 degrees wide-angle shots. You won’t miss any details of the road, no matter how many twists and turns you take! With an industry-standard Sony starvis image sensor, the dash cam will perform well even in low light situations.

6. Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam

The Campark dash cam is an excellent way to record your surroundings on the road. The camera’s 170° front camera, 120° inside cabin camera, and 140° rear camera records video simultaneously at 1440P+1080p+1080p which covers your truck’s blind spots both inside and out. This peace of mind will keep you worry-free while driving.

7. Vantrue N4 Triple Dash Cam

The Vantrue N4 Triple Dash Cam 3 Channel 1440P+1080P+1080P Front Rear and Inside Three Lens Dashcam with Infrared Night Vision, Capacitor vehicle Dash Camera, 24H Parking Monitor, Motion Detection is the perfect solution to all your trucking needs. Not only does it have a three-channel design that captures high definition footage from the front dashboard camera, outside rearview mirror cam as well as an inside mirror camera for additional safety; but also comes equipped with infrared night vision capability and capacitors which provide longer battery life ensuring peace of mind day or night!

8. Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

Looking for a dash cam that records in full high-definition? The Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam has you covered. This digital recording device offers 1080p/60fps HD, front and rear cameras, 140° of viewing angle coverage, night vision capabilities, Wi-fi connectivity with smartphone capabilities, and more! A polarizing filter is even included to make sure the footage captured by this camera is crystal clear.

NextBase 322 GW Dash Cam Full 1080p/60fps HD Recording In vehicle DVR Camera – 140° Front – Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth – SOS Emergency Response – Night Vision – Auto Loop Records.

9. Halo Drive Road Angel Dash Cam

The Halo Drive by Road Angel Dash Cam is equipped with 1440p video, a 140° lens, and built-in Wi-Fi. You can see clear footage of the road ahead in low-light conditions thanks to Super Night View technology. If you’re using this camera with the Halo Drive/Go Hard Wire kit then Winter Mode will automatically engage when needed to keep your night vision sharp.

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10. Snooper DVR-4HD Dash Cam

Snooper DVR-4HD with a 1080p Full HD camera shooting at 30 fps and an LCD display of 3 inches, this device will provide you with excellent video quality as well as clear images. Built-in GPS with superior accuracy plus G-sensor recording for peace of mind when you have to leave your vehicle unattended.

Do Dash Cameras Record All The Time?

Dash cameras have a function called loop recording which can be activated using the menu options within the settings. It is worth bearing in mind that if you use a small capacity SD card it will fill up fairly quickly and start recording over the previous footage, so I would recommend purchasing an SD card with as much capacity as your device will hold.

How Useful is a Dash Cam?

If you want to avoid paying higher insurance premiums, invest in a dash cam. They can capture the incident on video and give vital information about who was involved so that you know who’s at fault in the event of an accident.

How Do I View Footage From My Dash Camera?

Depending on the Dash Camera there are 3 ways to view the footage from a dash camera, the most common way is downloading your footage to a computer by removing the SD card and inserting it into a micro-sd port on a PC. Alternatively, your dash camera should come with a mini USB lead which you can plug into a USB socket on your computer directly from the dash cam, also if the dash camera has a playback function you can view footage on the dash cam itself.

connect dash cam via usb

Downloading Data From Apeman Mini Dash Cam

Positioning a Dash Cam in a HGV

A dash camera is mounted to the windscreen of a truck using a sucker cup mounting, this allows easy positioning onto the windscreen but where is the best position for the dashcam?

The best position for a dashcam is in the center of a windscreen at the bottom near the dashboard, this will eliminate any obstruction to a driver’s view of the road plus give a clear and accurate recording of the road ahead.

A small dash cam can be mounted easily behind a truck sat nav in a position that prevents multiple devices from appearing in a truck driver’s eye line.

I hope you found this product guide “top 10 Dash Cam for Truckers” useful, as you can see by the examples above there are many different types of dash cams available incorporating various functions that you will find useful should anything happen out on the roads of Britain.