Truckfest North West

Firstly Truckfest North West is part of one of the largest series of truck show events in Europe, The event offers access to the whole truck and road haulage industry including owner-drivers and operators including some of the largest fleets in the United Kingdom.

The Truckfest Northwest event was held on the Cheshire Showground at Knutsford with a massive turnout of trucks.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the North West Truckfest event and enjoyed every part of the day’s entertainment, and was amazed at the dedication and attention to detail by all the drivers and operators displaying their vehicles.

Watch the Truckfest North West video as I tour the arena looking at the trucks and entertainment provided by the brilliant event organisers

My personal favorite was the Richardson Volvo with stunning graphics of Tigers not only on the outside but inside the truck too!

The Monster Truck entertainment with Tony Dickson at the wheel was also spectacular to see.

Truckfest Northwest is a great event and family-friendly with fairground rides, entertainment including the Monster trucks and Stunt motorbike riders.

But most of all the trucks on show were amazing to see with the drivers being friendly informative and proud.

Some of the trucks at the event

If you are Interested in entering a truck or visiting one of the many Truckfest events find out more and find an event local to you on The Truckfest Website.