Best Pressure Washer For Trucks HGV Cleaning

How do I choose the best pressure washer for cleaning trucks?

Firstly there are a few factors that need to be considered before deciding on the the best pressure washer for cleaning trucks.

The most important consideration is how many trucks you want to clean! if you are an owner driver and operate a single vehicle you would probably not require a pressure washer on the scale of a large fleet haulage company.

Haulage companies tend to have a large yard for their trucks and very often will have a specific area set up for washing their vehicles.

Owner truck drivers are more likely to park their truck in a rented space locally to them so having a more portable pressure washer would be a much better solution.

Keeping a truck clean is important for driver safety, as well as the company, dirty windows, can obstruct a driver’s vision, and a dirty truck will not give a good impression of a company when out on the road.

The type of work that trucks do will also be a factor in the type of pressure washer required, if your trucks are travelling on motorways they could get very dirty with road spray and require TFR (traffic film remover) or detergents to remove the dirt properly so a pressure washer that has detergent dispensing options would be a practical solution.

Your trucks may travel long distance and be on the road for long periods so you will probably require a robust cleaning option such as a hot pressure washer.

points to consider

  1. How Many Trucks will the pressure washer be cleaning.
  2. Will the pressure washer need to be portable.
  3. What type of work do the trucks do that require cleaning.
  4. How will I power the pressure washer for safety and practical use.
  5. Where will I get a water supply

Powering a pressure washer

Pressure washers are available with different types of power to make them work.

Electric powered pressure washers will need an electrical power source, this can be achieved by a mains supply or a generator large enough to power it.

Electric pressure washers obviously have a power cable which will need to be taken into consideration from a safety point of view, probably more suitable for smaller vehicles.

Petrol Pressure Washers are a good option for outdoor truck cleaning they need plenty of ventilation because of the fuel type, petrol washers are very portable as they can be easily moved and are self powered and don’t need an electric power supply, a great option for cleaning larger vehicles.

Diesel Pressure Washers are a perfect choice for larger haulage companies, they are powerful and this fuel type is easier for haulage companies as diesel is generally available on site.

Best Electric Pressure Washer for cleaning trucks

British Trucking’s top choice electric pressure washers.


Extendable aluminium handle, 420 ltrs/hr flow rate, auto stop start, 6 mtr high pressure hose, 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, applies detergent as you clean.


262 Bar (max) / 155 Bar (continuous), copper wound 3000W motor, 24 month warranty, 26 Meters of Hose, 510 Ltrs/hr Flow Rate, 1Ltr Detergent Tank.


7-levels pressure control, 140 bar, 550 Ltrs/hr flow rate, 9m hose, Dynamic Power Grip, detergent bottle, telescopic handle, hose reel, Powerspeed nozzle.

Best Petrol Pressure Washer for cleaning trucks

British Trucking’s Top Choice Petrol Pressure Washers.


Producing ultra high peak power of 3950psi, 8hp 210cc four-stroke engine, 660 Litres per Hour Flow Rate, 30 Meters of Hose, Fuel Type Unleaded 95+, low fuel consumption.


Built In Detergent Tank, five different nozzles, 8Mtr reinforced abrasion resistant high pressure hose, 6.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine, high-pressure metal trigger.


Briggs & Stratton 875EXi series engine/190 cc, 220 bar with a flow rate of 612 Litres per hour, Quiet sense technology, ReadyStart technology, 4 Quick Connect Spray Tips.

Best Diesel Pressure Washer for cleaning trucks

British Trucking’s top choice Diesel pressure washers.


Variable throttle control on engine, 5 power nozzles, 3600 PSI, 15 litres per minute, electric key start, 10 metre heavy duty high pressure hose, detergent pipe, 12 months warranty.


Flow rate (l/h): 240-560, Max. temperature (°C): 80-155, unique eco efficiency mode, Integrated cable hook and spray lance holder, Lockable accessory compartment.


electric and recoil starting, 5mtr pressure hose, five interchangeable nozzles, high pressure and high flow with diesel economy, automatic low-oil engine shutdown.

Pressure Washer Water Source

Obviously all pressure washers need a water source to be able to function, in most cases a mains water supply should be available to feed water to your power washer.

Using a portable power washer in places that do not have a mains water source can be tricky but can also be easily overcome.

Some businesses draw their water from a pool via means of a pump and filter system this can work well if your wash area is some distance from a mains water supply.

Another great method of providing water to a portable power washer is to use a water tank, a water tank can be left in place or can be transported with your power washer in a small van for example.

This type of water feed to a power washer is very often used by people such as window cleaners or car valeters.

Below are some great water tank options.


Selecting the perfect pressure washer for your truck cleaning is determined by how many trucks you operate and the type of cleaning performance required.

Electric pressure washers need a mains power supply or generator.

Petrol Pressure washers are a great choice for truck cleaning as they are portable and do not require an electricity supply.

Diesel pressure washers are a great option for large haulage companies providing hot and cold washing options with a fuel supply easily available.

All pressure washers require a water supply mains, portable, fixed or pool.