caring for your work boots

Caring For Your Work Boots To Make Them Last Longer!

Work boots are an important part of a truck driver’s work kit, they keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable, caring for your work boots will increase the protection they provide and make your boots last much longer.

Caring For Your Work Boots

If you take care of your work boots, your work boots will take care of you, taking care of the leather on your work boots will not only keep your feet protected but will also make them last much longer.

A good pair of trucking work boots can be expensive so it makes good sense to look after them and get as much use from them as possible.

Tips to help you when caring for your work boots

  1. When you first purchase your new work boots, break them in by wearing them around the house for a few days, boots are generally made from hard-wearing material, and breaking them in before working will make them more supple and reduce the risk of getting blisters or sore feet at work until the boots have shaped themselves to your feet. An old pair of boots are so difficult to replace simply because all the creases in the leather are in the right place for your feet making them very comfortable so breaking in your new boots has real benefits for comfort.
  2. When you use your new boots in anger and get them dirty it is important to clean your boots regularly and also to use waterproofing products to keep them in tip-top condition.
  3. When cleaning work boots before waterproofing, use a water-based cleaning product and a nylon brush. Then apply a water-based waterproofing product to your boots, whether they’re wet or dry. Apply another coat to your work boots after two or three weeks and a third coat later for the best protection.
  4. Occasionally apply a leather conditioner to keep your work boots supple this is important especially if you have been working in winter weather and your boots have been very wet, the first thing you will probably do is put them by a heater which will make the leather go very stiff this will make the leather brittle and could damage your boots.

Grangers Footwear Kit

The Grangers footwear kit is an all-in-one care kit for footwear.

The kit will provide water-repellent protection plus leather conditioning to keep leather supple so it does not crack.

It is designed for outdoor footwear making it a great protection kit for work boots.

Cleaning Inside Work Boots

Work boots can often become dirty especially when working in dusty or wet conditions such as a farmyard or quarry, you can clean the inside of your boots with a low-pH shampoo.

Use a soft brush to scrub the insides of your boots with the shampoo.

Make sure you rinse the boots out thoroughly and allow them to dry slowly.

cleaning inside work boots

Key Points When Caring for Work Boots

  • Wear your boots around the home to break them in
  • Use a water-based cleaning product and a nylon brush
  • leather conditioner will help keep your work boots supple
  • Clean & use Waterproofing on Your Boots regularly

Work Boots for Truck Drivers

British Trucking has a great selection of Boots for Trucking take a look at our online footwear section!

Caring For Your New Leather Work Boots

Firstly, clean your boots with a water-based cleaning product and a nylon brush.

Be sure to carefully brush the seams to make certain all the dirt is removed.

Secondly, wet the boots and apply a water-based waterproofing agent to make your work boots more water-resistant.

Water-based waterproofing products can be applied to wet or dry boots.

Water-based products contain no petroleum, which would cause the leather to stretch and affect the fit of your boots.

Heat is not required! Water-based products do not require any heat in order to penetrate the leather.

  1. Excessive heat can damage your footwear.
  2. Water-based products do not attract dirt.
  3. It will not harm your work boots if you use them too much.
  4. Water-based products provide better water repellent.

Work boots come in all shapes and sizes so caring for your work boots is a great way to stay comfortable, protected and make your boots last longer saving you hard-earned money in the long run.

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In conclusion, caring for your work boots will help to keep your feet protected and make a pair of work boots last much longer.

New boots can cause blisters because the leather is hard and they have not yet formed to the shape and movement of your feet.

It is a good idea to break new boots in by wearing them in your home before wearing them for long periods of time at home.

The inside of work boots can be cleaned with a standard low PH shampoo, scrubbing the inside of the boots with a soft brush making a lather, and then rinsing thoroughly but allowing the boots to dry slowly after cleaning.

Thank you for reading this article “Caring for your work boots make them last longer!” we hope you found it useful for looking after your boots when working as a truck driver.


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