DVSA HGV Inspection Manual Update Plus Revised Categorisation of Vehicle Defects

The DVSA HGV inspection manual has been updated to include new guidance on how the DVSA categorises vehicle defects at roadside checks. The revisions were brought into effect from 1 May 2022 and all drivers are advised that they should prepare their vehicles accordingly, as well as ensure a thorough annual check-over to not only keep them safe but also avoid any delays caused by issues if the guidance is not met!

The DVSA HGV manual is available to view below. All changes to the inspection manual can be found in the revision record section at the front of the HGV inspection manual:

MOT Inspection Manual - HGVs

Inspection processes and rules for lorry, trailer and other HGV annual tests (MOTs)

Revised guidance on categorisation of defects

The changes made by the DVSA will be enforceable from May 2022. They include a new categorization system for roadside checks, revised guidance on how they evaluate vehicle defects found at those inspections, and updated penalties if any are committed in relation to these laws when providing services or goods within Great Britain (GB).

What changes are there?

The categorisation of defects has been updated which include new items, notes and amendments in parts 1 and 2 of the HGV manual.

There are significant updates to load security, which include removing the reference to the load security matrix. There are also additional load security defects and notes.

Other updates include vehicles missing an obligatory seat belt, electronic stability control (ESC), suspension joints, and overrun brakes.

See the categorisation of defects document below:

Categorisation Of Vehicle Defects

How vehicle defects found during roadside inspections or vehicle tests are categorised and what action will be taken when they’re found


The DVSA HGV inspection manual update comes into effect on the 1st May 2022 which will determine how vehicle defects are interpreted during roadside inspections, it is important that any relevant changes to the manual are adhered to after that date.