Road Haulage Association Campaign For Better HGV Driver Facilities

Lorry drivers across the UK are facing difficult conditions, as the Road Haulage Association (RHA) Campaign for better HGV Driver Facilities has recently brought to light. It seems that many truck parking and welfare facilities are inadequate, forcing drivers to park overnight in laybys without access to toilets or showers. This is not only inconvenient and uncomfortable but also puts new people off from coming into the industry. The RHA estimates there’s a shortage of 11,000 lorry parking spaces, and says that planning frameworks are frustrating new truck stops from being opened. We need to do better by our commercial vehicle drivers – they play a crucial role in keeping our economy running!

MP's Reaction To The Road Haulage Association Campaign For Better Facilities

MP’s from all parties have reacted positively to the letter put forward by the RHA, and they were shown images showing poor facilities that truck drivers and coach drivers have to endure on a daily basis.

They were told that the lack of adequate parking facilities forces drivers to park in roadside layby’s without toilet or shower facilities.

The RHA also made it clear that this situation is not encouraging new drivers into the industry and with current driver shortages the problem needs to be addressed quickly.

The RHA is requesting better planning rules, more funding, and that the government work with the haulage industry to put the issues right.

RHA Petition For Better Truck Driver Facilities in the UK

If you would like to find out more about the Road Haulage Association’s petition and sign it, Follow this British Trucking Link to the RHA Facilities Campaign.