Funny Truck Driver T-Shirts

Looking for a funny truck driver T-Shirts? see our top 10 funniest trucker T-Shirt designs, great fun shirts for truckers also great gift ideas!

Wearing a trucking T-shirt is more than just an accessory for truck drivers – it’s a way to express oneself.

Take a look at our great selection of funny shirts that will certainly get some laughs from your friends and family.

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Funny Truck Driver T-Shirts Our Top 10

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1. Funny Trucking T-Shirt For Mixer Driver

A great T-Shirt for concrete mixer drivers with the slogan “I like it wet she likes it hard” this trucker shirt will certainly get some laughs at the quarry!

2. Funny Trucking T-Shirt For HGV Drivers

Keep a logbook? this truck driving T-Shirt is great fun with the slogan “I Don’t always fill out a logbook but when I do it’s probably made up” a great fun shirt to get some laughs from fellow truckers.

3. Funny Truck Driver T-Shirt

This is a funny T-Shirt design for truckers but probably one you won’t want to wear near your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband, but having said that it is sure to get you a laugh or a slap on the cheek!

4. Funny Truckers T-Shirt

This trucking T-Shirt takes me back to my youth sitting in class staring out of the window thinking about trucks! a great fun T-Shirt design with the slogan “My teacher was wrong I do get paid to stare out the window” a great fun trucking shirt which I am sure your friends will find very funny.

5. Funny Truck Slogan T-Shirt

This Funny trucking shirt has lots of funny slogans so let’s take a look. The T-Shirt is titled You Might be a trucker if “A 40 hour week means it’s only Wednesday” well I am sure we can all relate to that one! the next slogan is “You can back your truck into places some people can’t even get their cars” the third slogan on the shirt is “You check bridge heights while driving your car” and the fourth slogan “You wake yourself up shifting gears” a funny design with lots of text so if you are in your local bar and people are staring at you for some time don’t take it to heart!

6. Funny Lorry Drivers T-Shirt

This funny T-Shirt has a great slogan “Warning this trucker does not play well with stupid people” a funny quote that will surely get some laughs down the local boozer.

7. Funny Truck Drivers T-Shirt

I am sure many truck drivers can relate to this T-Shirt because it’s all we ever seem to do, a great fun slogan “Eat Sleep Drive Repeat” makes me laugh and I am sure your friends will love it too.

8. Funny T-Shirt For Truck Drivers

Driving a truck with lots of gears? then this T-Shirt design is perfect for you! a fun slogan “what part of (a layout diagram of trucking gears) don’t you understand?” great fun design for puzzling people who have no idea about a truck’s gearbox configuration.

9. Funny Truck Drivers Shirt

This fun-designed trucking T-Shirt has the slogan “I just dropped a load” certainly gets some laughs when you’re coming out of the toilets!

10. Funny Truck Drivers T-Shirt

Another great fun Truck Driver T-Shirt design with the slogan “If diesel ain’t burnin then I ain’t earnin” sure to get some laughs from all those around you.

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Funny Trucking Shirts for Entertaining Conversation

Wearing a funny truck shirt is a great way to start conversations about trucking, whether it be at your local pub, work, or simply walking the dog.

Many people will laugh out loud as you walk by leading to a good old natter about trucking and the industry at large.

Some truck drivers have even got into conversations with truckers from other companies which has helped them to get different driving jobs that better suited their needs.

Wearing a funny shirt is entertaining and fun, why not try one for yourself it can make a dull day seem much brighter!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our top 10 Funny Truck Driver T-Shirts, if you have some funny slogans on your shirts that you want to share with us why not take a picture and share it on our social media, FaceBook British Trucking Group, you might also be interested in some great British Trucking Gift Ideas check them out.