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Trucking Clothes UK Health and Safety Requirements

trucking clothes UK Health and Safety

It is common knowledge that the clothes you wear when driving a lorry are just as important as the training and experience of your drivers. The rules regarding trucking clothes vary from country to country, so it’s important to know what applies in Great Britain and how these regulations can affect your business operations.

What Trucking Clothes Must I Have?

There are three core items of clothing that every driver must wear: a reflective vest, trousers, and steel-capped boots. These should be worn in all weather conditions to ensure you’re safe and visible on the road.

The Trucking industry is a dangerous place to work. There are many risks you could face whilst being on the road, such as weather conditions and mechanical failure.

Deliveries and collections can be from places you have never been before so preparation is vital.

Sites that you collect from or deliver to, will have their own health and safety guidelines, which as a professional driver you would need to adhere to.

Essential Safety Accessories

Accessories such as a hard hat, gloves, and safety glasses will be required in most cases, some truck drivers have even been refused entry to a site by not having the correct PPE.

Keep Safe Adhere To The Rules

When picking a career in trucking, it is important to not only consider the average salary and the potential for advancement but also your location. Are there any regulations that you should also be aware of?

Wherever you are driving, there will be a range of health and safety requirements. From the moment that you set foot into your lorry, through to when you put it into park at the end of your journey, these rules must be followed. After all, this is a matter of life and death! These regulations aren’t easy for anyone to understand; however, most companies have dedicated departments that deal with them.

If you are a lorry driver in the UK, it is important that you take all precautions to ensure your health and safety when driving. It is not only illegal but also potentially lethal for drivers to drive while using their mobile phones for example, which can distract them from focusing on the road ahead.

Trucking Overalls

Many drivers believe overalls are the best clothing to wear when you’re a truck driver. They allow your skin to breathe, and your legs can move freely without getting stuck in them while driving.

This can also be more cost-effective, but during the summer months they can make you feel to hot.

Check out our latest trucking clothing and keep up to date with the UK Health and Safety regulations.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a good place to start when looking through the UK’s health and safety regulations. An employer must ensure that all employees are provided with suitable protective clothing for their workplace, which includes trucking firms.

If you want your company to stay in business, it is vital that drivers are checked for the correct lorry clothing. It is also important to ensure that they comply with all of the health and safety regulations set out by the government. To find out more about these requirements, please click here: UK Health and Safety Regulations.

Thank You for reading this article “trucking clothes UK health and safety requirements” I hope you found it useful, wear your protective gear you never know one day it might just save your life!

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