Heavy Duty Sack Trucks for Truck Drivers British Haulage

Heavy duty sack trucks are an efficient and safe way to move heavy loads when unloading large boxes, crates, and other heavy items from your truck or warehouse.

Delivering goods can be made much easier with a good heavy duty sack truck.

Workplace injuries often occur as a result of manual handling and having the correct tools for the job can ensure you don’t put yourself at risk.

Before using a sack truck it is important you ensure it is in good condition and capable of carrying the item you need to move.

In the same way, you do your vehicle checks on your truck, you should also make time to check any equipment you use before carrying out any work with it.

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Always safety check heavy duty sack trucks before using

  • Are the wheels fixed securely and working as they should.
  • Is the sack truck broken in any way.
  • Can the sack truck handle the weight you are going to lift.
  •  Do you need to secure the item to the truck before lifting.

Once you have checked that the sack truck is working properly and it is capable of moving the item you need to move it should be safe to continue your work.

How to use a heavy duty sack truck

Using a sack truck is a fairly simple operation and does not require any special training just common sense.

First of all to load the sack truck by placing the load onto the top of the front truck plate, ensure the load is stable and that it does not exceed the recommended weight limit of the sack truck.

If your load needs securing you may need a restraint strap to keep the load from moving.

When your load is secure use the handles of the truck to slowly pull the top of the sack truck backward until you find its sweet spot where the truck is taking the weight of the load.

Move the sack truck keeping the handles held firmly with both hands, If you struggle to move the load then you have either overloaded the weight limit of the truck or the wheels are not suitable for the terrain.

Sack trucks are not all made the same some have solid wheels and others have blown-up tyres which are more suitable for uneven ground.

Types of heavy duty sack trucks

Heavy duty sack truck with Pneumatic tyre wheels

A sturdy heavy duty sack truck suitable for carrying loads up to 600lbs the curved make also makes it suitable for moving barrels and the bottom toe plate is ideal for boxes, with blow-up tyres it can be used on a variety of ground surfaces.

The P Handle design allows for easy lifting, and this sack truck has a high visibility red powder coat finish.

Heavy duty sack truck with folding toe plate

This type of sack truck is a great choice for work areas or trucks with limited space.

The front toe folds up making it easy to store when not in use, this sack truck also has a deep toe for larger boxes and small wing plates to hold larger loads more firmly, and provides a load capacity of 200kg.

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Heavy duty sack truck for stairs and steps

This type of heavy duty sack truck has 6 wheels making it much easier to negotiate steps or even climb stairs with a load.

When using a sack truck on steps or stairs it is always recommended that you securely strap your load into position first.

Heavy duty cylinder hand truck

This sack truck is designed to lift cylinders it has a curved back and a cylinder clamp to hold the load in place when moving, the truck also has stair slider bars at the rear which allows easy transporting of large and heavy items across flights of steps.

With a load capacity of 800Lbs, this type of hand truck is perfect for delivering or moving gas cylinders, gas bottles, etc.

It is always a good idea to have the correct type of hand truck for the loads you are carrying, so if you carry curved objects this would be a great hand truck for your requirements.

Multifunctional heavy duty sack truck

The multifunctional heavy duty sack truck provides different solutions when moving items. This Stanley sack truck is a great option for providing different load options when moving goods.

The hand truck can be converted quickly and easily into a hand platform truck for easy movement of large boxes or items.

The pneumatic tyres also allow easy movement on different types of terrains.

Checking for Hazards before using Heavy duty sack trucks

Before moving any load with your sack truck you should assess your route looking for any hazards that may be in your way ensuring your safety, below are some examples of things to watch out for.

  • Any uneven surfaces.
  • Obstacles.
  • Steps or stairs.
  • Is your load secure?
  • Can you see clearly where you are going?
  • Oil or slippy surfaces.
  • narrow areas that the load may not fit.
  • Have you got the correct protective clothing for your route (Safety glasses, ear defenders, safety boots, etc)?

Once you have established everything is in order, you should be safe to proceed with moving your load.

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