Safety Boots for Work Working on a Budget!

The trucking industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK so safety boots for work are essential. It is so important that employees have suitable safety equipment for their work, and this includes boots. In this article, we are going to review different types of work-specific footwear when working on a tight budget. This way you can get the best value for money without sacrificing your safety or comfort level at all!

Safety boots have to meet a safety rating to comply with the Health and Safety Executive regulations.

The first type of work boot we are going to look at are ankle boots, this type of work boot is the most common type for truck drivers as they allow flexibility when driving and the boots are also lightweight.

Ankle Safety Boots for Work - Working on a Budget

Ankle safety work boots

Blackrock Chukka Leather Safety Boots

The Blackrock Chukka boot is a traditional style of safety boot on offer. Perfect for those working in proximity to petrol, oil and heavy machinery, these leather boots are both durable, stylish and provide excellent slip resistance through their SB-P SRC safety rating. Certified to EN20345 standard.

The SB-P rating means these boots have steel toecap protection, which helps ward off impact injuries. Additionally, the protective midsole prevents piercing from sharp objects such as nails and an energy absorbing heel for comfort.

SRC is the highest slip resistance available, making the Chukka Boot a perfect work shoe for when there is a risk of slips and trips that happen on the job.

Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Chukka Boots With Steel Toe Caps And Midsole (UK9 / EU43)
  • Leather upper with padded ankle
  • Steel toe cap and protective midsole
  • Dual density shock absorbent, anti-slip, anti-static and fuel oil resistant PU sole
  • Energy absorbing heel reduces foot fatigue
  • SB-P SRC safety rating

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Giss Trucker Wrangler Safety Work Boots

The Giss Trucker work boots are Occupational boots for various professions such as logistics or industry.

Safety boots for jobs in which increased safety and protection are needed.

The GISS Trucker is a safety lace-up leather work style ankle boot, dedicated to those working on the move. this boot will keep you flexibly comfortable when trodding over rough terrain, or traversing country lanes. Designed for optimum fit and comfort the boot has a leather outer that is water-resistant (WRU) plus a  textile inner.

Even though these boots are in the budget category they provide adequate protection for work with a certification class of S3 SRC EN 20345:2007.

Protection includes antistatic rating A, Oil, and petrol resistance, energy absorbing heel, water-resistant upper, penetration resistance plus anti-slip resistance (SRC).

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Dickies Antrim Safety Boots for Work

The Dickies Antrim work boots are probably one of the most popular ankle safety boots in Dickies budget range. Providing excellent protection with added comfort and styling.

Safety features include a steel toe-cap to EN20345 Standards, robust steel midsole for underfoot protection perfect if you work around broken pallets or hazards where sharp objects could penetrate your foot, slip resistance, padded tongue plus a dual-density sole.

This budget safety boot is a boot I have used myself for truck driving in the construction industry and I fully recommend them.

See my unboxing video of the Dickies Antrim Safety Work Boots.

Dickies Antrim, Men's Saftey Boots, Black, 10 UK (44 EU)
  • Steel toe-cap to en20345 (200 joules), steel midsole for underfoot protection, oil resistant, slip resistant, padded tongue, dual density pu sole
  • Breathable textile lining

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Rigger Style Safety Work Boots

Rigger boots safety work boots

Rigger Boots are a popular choice boot during the winter months because they have more protective qualities than most wellington boot options. they have a number of requirements that must be met in order to ensure they provide protection.

Although popular Rigger boots are not always the best choice for truck drivers in some sectors of work, for some reason there seems to be a stigma about safety in some sectors, for example, some building sites refuse entry to their site if you are wearing rigger boots! Having said that they are very comfortable and do provide in my opinion more protection than a wellington boot.

If rigger boots are your top choice safety boots for work, I would recommend keeping a spare pair of ankle boots or wellies in your truck cab just in case you have a problem gaining access to a site.

So where did the term rigger boots come from?

Rigger boots originate from the early 1900s when men would wear them to work on ships. Whilst in use, a rigger could hold himself up with his feet and hands whilst climbing rigging or standing by for any emergency at sea using their body weight as a counterbalance, rigger boots have plenty of grip and make them perfect for this type of work.

As times have changed the term rigger boots has now been used to describe a wide range of styles and types, some with steel toes which are much more durable than many other safety footwear options in today’s market!

Grafters S1 Unisex Rigger Safety Work Boots

Grafters are a great rigger boot option if working to a tight budget, in fact, I have a pair myself! (see unboxing video below).

The grafters S1 rigger boots have all the safety features you would expect conforming to ISO 20345 S1 SRC Safety standards.

Safety features include a safety toe cap with a steel midsole for underfoot protection,  the outer material is leather with easy pull-up slip-on tags. The boots are also fuel and oil resistant and include an antistatic sole.

These safety rigger boots are featured in unisex sizing making them ideal for both men and women, they’re a great pair of work footwear for all, Warm lined with faux fur, these boots offer a fantastic option for those who like to stay cozy in colder locations. The footbed fits your foot providing a comfortable and secure fit. These safety boots are designed to withstand an amazing 150°C heat, making them a perfect choice for truck drivers and other work environments.

Grafters Safety Rigger Boots

  • Safety Toe Cap
  • Hard Wearing
  • Heat Resistant
  • Fuel/Oil Resistant

Amblers SF124 Rigger Safety Work Boots

Amblers safety work boots are a great budget boot that provides comfort and support in a working environment, packed full of safety features which make this pair of riggers a great choice!

Simple pull-on boots with easy grab pulling tags for ease.

 Protection includes steel toe cap, steel shank midsole for underfoot protection, deep tread for better grip, conforming to ISO20345 Safety standards.

The outer upper is synthetic but provides waterproof protection, very warm and comfortable boots that provide great winter protection.

Amblers Mens Fs124 Safety Rigger Work Boots Tan Size 3
  • Pull-On Lined Rigger Boot.
  • Steel Toe Cap Protection.
  • Steel Shank In The Midsole.
  • Pu Outsole.

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Why Wear Safety Work Boots?

As a truck driver wearing safety boots is one of the most important aspects you can do to keep up your safety. There are many different types and brands, some with steel toes which are much more durable than a lot of other footwear options in today’s market! Safety boots for work have been designed specifically so that they provide excellent protection against slips on wet surfaces or from falls when working at height such as trailers etc, but not only this there has also become an increasing awareness around workplace health & safety. Did you know that if you don’t wear the correct PPE insurance companies may not pay you compensation if you had an injury on a job?

why wear safety boots for work

A good pair of safety work boots may be more expensive than some other types of footwear, but they will last for longer and provide better protection. This is why it’s so important to do your research before you purchase!


In conclusion, it is easy to wear safety boots for trucking even if working on a tight budget.

I’ll end this article with a few of the key points mentioned above.

Safety boots will protect you from injury, even if you work at height.

Safety boots are perfect for truck drivers but they’re also used by loaders and other employees working within the haulage industry when moving materials around the workplace as well!.

If your shoes don’t have steel-toed protection built into them then it is vital that you purchase that added protection for your feet to ensure you meet safety guidelines and are protected by workplace and on-site insurance.

Thank you for reading this article “safety boots for work working on a budget” I hope you found it useful for finding a great pair of work boots for your feet.

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