How To Change HGV Tachograph Time

Knowing how to change HGV Tachograph time is important in the UK because our time is altered by 1 hour twice each year which was introduced to make use of daylight hours during the Summer months the time is changed in March but then changed back in October. In this article, we will show you how to change the time on a tachograph to ensure your tacho is recording the correct time when driving when the clocks change.

Siemens VDO Tachograph Time Change

Stoneridge Tachograph Time Change

Why Should I Know How To Change HGV Tachograph Time?

It is important to know how to change the time on an HGV tacho unit because, when the clocks move forward or backward by one hour in the UK this change happens overnight. Some companies have many vehicles so it would be impossible in most cases for the workshop to be able to make the changes on all vehicles before the driver takes the truck out on the road.

Many truck drivers will start their shifts in the early hours of the morning and if the tachograph unit is not recording the correct time it can cause problems for the driver if there was an incident that day that required a printout or reading from the tachograph unit.

Do I Need To Do a Printout When I Change The Time on a Tachograph Unit?

If an HGV driver has inserted his or her driver’s card into the tachograph unit before realising the time needs to be altered, It is recommended that you take a printout before changing the time on the unit, and also take a printout once you have changed the time. This will provide you with evidence of the time change and what time the change was made should you get stopped by the DVLA or if you are involved in an accident.

It is better to change the tachograph unit’s time before inserting your card if possible.

Should you forget to change the time or you were unaware that the time was changing until later into your shift make the change as soon as safely possible, but once again take a printout before and after you make the change to the tachograph unit.

If unsure make sure the time is amended at the end of the shift and once again do a printout so that you have a full record of what you did.

Note: your transport manager may want a copy of your printouts to confirm the time changes.

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Carry Spare Tachograph Rolls in Your Truck

It is important that you carry sufficient tachograph rolls with you when driving an HGV vehicle.

If you are unable to do a printout when required it could cause you all sorts of problems and possibly even a fine should something untoward happen during your truck driving day.

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We hope you found this beginner’s guide “How to Change HGV Tachograph Time” Useful for keeping the correct time on your tacho unit when driving in the UK.