How to Save Money Driving Trucks: Tramping and Daily Truck Driving Tips

If you’re a truck driver, then you know that the cost of driving can add up quickly. From buying food to paying for parking, the expenses can really start to add up. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to save money while driving trucks. We’ll discuss ways to prepare food and drinks while on the road, as well as strategies for avoiding costly expenses at motorway services and cafes. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket!

Preparation is key to saving money when truck driving

I am sure that most truck drivers don’t keep a record of their daily spending when driving trucks, it is so easy to get caught up in the trap of spending for convenience instead of thinking carefully about the money lost each day by not preparing for a shift beforehand.

One of the main expenses a truck driver encounters daily is food and drinks, with a small amount of effort a truck driver can save up to £200 a month on food and drinks by careful planning.

Buy food in multipacks

The more you buy, the cheaper it is to purchase, this is an obvious statement but one that most truck drivers ignore when buying a drink or snack from motorway service stations or cafes at each break time. A truck driver’s best friend is a truck refrigerator or cool box that allows you to store food and snacks in the truck to keep them fresh.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios:

  • Multi Pack of 6 Packets of Crisps (Aldi) 85p – Services individual packet of crisps £1.00
  • Multi Pack of 9 KitKat Chocolate Bars (Azda) £1.00 – Services Individual KitKat Bar 80p
  • Bottled Water Buxton 750ml x 6 Multipack (Azda) £2.00 – Services Individual Bottle £1.50

As you can see by just a few examples the difference in cost buying multipacks can save a truck driver plenty of money which certainly mounts up during each month.

Preparing food at home

How much do those quick stops at a garage or services cost you each week or month? Easy food prep in your kitchen before going out to work will save money and help your health, especially if you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time.

Some of my top tips are:

  • Precook meals and freeze them in individual portions. This way you’ll always have something quick and easy to heat up when you need it.
  • Cook simple dishes such as pasta or rice which can be combined with a variety of sauces or toppings.
  • Take along snacks such as fruit, nuts, or seeds that are high in protein and energy.
  • snacks that don’t require refrigeration such as crisps or chocolate bars bought in multipacks as mentioned above will stave off hunger and prevent spending unnecessary money on high-priced snacks or drinks at service stations and cafes.

Hot drinks in a truck

A hot drink is a great way to warm up during a break, and it can also help to keep you alert while driving. Instead of buying expensive coffee or tea from services or cafes, make your own hot drinks using a flask or have a truck kettle. This way you can save money and enjoy a hot drink on the go.

A jar of coffee or a box of teabags will cost roughly £3.00 and last a truck driver a couple of weeks in his or her truck, one cup of Costa coffee will cost more than that alone for example!

Why do truck drivers want to save money?

Over recent years the cost of living has increased by as much as 8.3%, and currently, inflation is rising. This has a large impact on everyone especially when wages are not rising to meet those increases in people’s everyday expenses. Making changes to your everyday lifestyle can help truck drivers to reduce the impact of expenses by reducing their overall outgoings by making small changes to help them save money.

  1. Preparing food at home
  2. Buying multipack foods from supermarkets
  3. Preparing hot drinks at home before a shift
  4. Buying multipack bottles of water or soft drinks
  5. Preparing their truck to be self-sufficient with a fridge and cooking equipment

Small investment for high rewards

Making some small investments and purchasing the correct items will enable a truck driver to be totally self-sufficient and not have to rely on making unnecessary detours to find food or drink when driving, this will save time and fuel which is also money-saving, especially if you are an owner-driver.

Below we have listed some great items that will enable truck drivers to save money when tramping or driving daily in their trucks.

Power Inverter to power cooking appliances in a truck

A power inverter is essential in a truck to enable truck drivers to power cooking equipment such as a microwave oven, kettle, toastie maker, or other cooking items. Being able to use these items in a truck will make a driver self-sufficient which allows the driver to take meal breaks almost anywhere which can save time and money when out on the road.

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Food containers

By having the correct type of food containers a truck driver can pack food and snacks to take on the road, they are usually insulated or have vacuum seals to help keep them fresh.

This will allow you not only to save money by preparing your own food but will also allow you to take control over the types of food you eat which will be more beneficial for your health.

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Truck kettle

A truck kettle can be easily plugged into the power outlet within your truck or can also be powered by a truck power inverter. A truck kettle allows you to boil water for hot drinks at any time, allowing you to simply stop in a layby on the side of the road.

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Truck Fridge/Cool Box

Having a truck fridge or cool box is an essential item for all truck drivers, this will enable you to store food and drinks that need to be kept cold.

This will help you not only save money by buying food in bulk at home but also stop you from having to purchase expensive items from service stations or cafes.

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Truck Cutlery and Crockery Set

A truck cutlery and crockery set is a great way to save money when eating on the go, this will allow you to eat from your own food containers without having to use disposable items that are often very costly.

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Thermos Flask

A thermos flask is a great way to keep drinks warm or cold while on the move, this will help you to save money by not having to purchase expensive hot and cold drinks from services or cafes. By using a truck kettle you can make a flask that will last you most of the day and allow you to stop for fast efficient breaks during your journey.

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Electric Lunch Box

The electric lunch box is an amazing food accessory for truck drivers, after preparing food at home and refrigerating it in your truck, the electric lunch box will heat it up for you allowing you to enjoy a hot meal when tramping or in time for your dinner break even if you drive a truck daily.

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Making small changes and investing in the correct items will enable a truck driver to save money while driving, this can be done by preparing food at home and taking it with you on your journey, buying food in bulk, using a truck fridge or cool box, and having your own cutlery and crockery set. These small changes can make a big difference to your budget and enable you to spend less money while driving.

We hope you found this article “How to save money driving trucks: tramping and daily truck driving tips” useful and it helps you to save money when driving trucks in Britain.