Recruitment Software for the Trucking Industry

Recruiting new staff can be time consuming for transport managers, with many job advertising platforms to consider, it is difficult to achieve full coverage to get the perfect applicant for a specific job role, in this article we take a look at the best UK recruitment software that will not only save you time, but will also ensure the best applicant becomes part of your team.

GoHire Recruitment Software for UK Business

GoHire recruitment software has to be the easiest solution by far, providing recruitment managers with an easy step by step procedure that will reduce costs, and also allow them to automatically post job vacancies on global job sites with one single click.

The software allows you to attract the best talent plus seamlessly manage any candidates all in one place.

Save time with built in interview scheduling, screen candidates efficiently to make data driven hiring decisions, set up hiring campaigns, and increase productivity with your hiring campaigns so top candidates don’t slip through the net with a powerful applicant tracking system.


GoHire recruitment software

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Great Features

Employer Branding

Everything needed to launch a better employer brand to attract the best applicants

Multi Site Job Posting

Publish Jobs the smart way across multiple job sites such as indeed, adzuna, careerjet, facebook, neuvco, and many more.

Applicant Tracking System

Place all your hiring data in one place, tracking each stage of the hiring process.

Interview Scheduling

Synchronize your calendar and coordinate interviewing schedules with candidates and co-workers to maintain control of any meetings.

Evaluate & hire new staff

Hire new employees that match your criteria with less effort, with top analysis and evaluation tools.

GoHire Recruitment Software Video Tour

Take a look at the recruitment software video below demonstrating the benefits that GoHire can bring to your recruitment drive.

Employing the Right People for the Job

Making sure that the right applicant is found for any job role is important, training costs money which can be wasted if you should employ the wrong candidate.

Certainly within the trucking industry, there are many driver vacancies right now due to the truck driver shortages across the country, finding drivers with all the experience that fit the needs of a haulage company can ensure that training costs are kept to a minimum.

The GoHire recruitment software will be an asset for any business making the recruitment of staff very easy and efficient.

Take Advantage of The GoHire Recruitment Software Free Trial and start your recruitment drive today!

Benefits of Using Recruitment Software

Having full control over your hiring strategies, will improve all aspects of the process when looking for new applicants to fill vacancies within your company.

Recruitment software is beneficial because it allows the person responsible for hiring new workers within a company to achieve a step by step process which is automatically set out.

There are many job sites available to advertise a new position within your company, but the process of adding jobs to these sites can be time consuming and tedious.

Recruitment Software simply makes the process faster, and more efficient which saves valuable time and effort involved with recruiting new people.

Recruitment software will be structured in a way that provides vital information about applicants that will allow the hirer to evaluate the candidates quickly narrowing down the applicants to the most suitable people to get through to an interview stage.

Trying to manage each application without software can be very time consuming and take up valuable management time.

Recruitment software also allows a company to keep candidates who were not successful in the system for future jobs that may arise which can save companies thousands of pounds in advertising everytime a new job is available.

An Overview of The GoHire Company

 GoHire is a talent hiring platform for SMBs. Helping over 2500 companies across the world manage jobs, candidates, interviews, and hiring, in less time, with less effort. Hire Smarter & Grow Faster.

The Company’s mission is to empower companies to scale faster with smarter and more strategic hiring methods.

How we describe the need for GoHire


The fundamental challenge common to all companies is one of people: analysing the need for a new employee, understanding the right time to hire, calculating the cost of a new hire, creating a strategy to hire, onboarding new employees, and the significant cost of making a bad hire to an organisation’s long term growth.


GoHire offers a new choice: a better way to manage jobs, candidates, interviews, and hiring in one unified dashboard providing a central hub that unites co-workers across a single, consistent hiring strategy and connects employers with great candidates.


With GoHire every organisation has powerful tools to automate, streamline and transform the entire hiring process.

What sets us apart?

  • Easier to use and more straightforward for teams to adopt than other platforms.
  • Incredible customer support.
  • Built specifically to make the life of a business owner or hiring manager easier.
  • Rapidly growing innovative and powerful product stack.