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Top 10 Best Truck Air Horns

Truck drivers love the sound of truck air horns, they use them to warn other road users they are coming but also to say hi to other truckers with a quick blast on the horn, in this article we take a look at air horns for trucks to see the different types of air horns plus take a look at the top 10 bestselling air horns for trucks in the UK.

What Are Truck Air Horns and Why Do Truck Drivers Love Them?

An air horn is is a warning device that uses compressed air to create a loud noise, a truck air horn can give various tonal sounds because they have trumpets in various lengths and sizes that create different sounds and pitches.

Many truck drivers will have multiple air horns on their trucks to make their air horns sound different and personal to them.

The sound is created by a compressor pushing air through the trumpet, similarly to a musician playing a trumpet instrument.

In the United Kingdom, HGV trucks are required by law to have a horn installed. UK truck drivers love their air horns for several reasons. First and foremost, air horns help to increase safety on the roads. When approaching a blind corner or passing through a construction zone, a blast from the air horn can alert other drivers to the truck’s presence. Additionally, air horns can be used to warn others around them that there is a potential hazard or as a signal to loaders. In short, truck drivers rely on their air horns to help ensure a safe journey for themselves, fellow workers and for other motorists. secondly, truck drivers love their air horns because they help to add personality to their vehicles. Just as a car horn can be used to honk hello to a friend or honk in frustration, so too can a truck air horn be used as a way of expressing oneself. From friendly honks to celebratory blasts, truck drivers use their air horns to share their unique personalities with the world.

truck air horns and compressors

Lastly, truck drivers love their air horns because they are simply fun to use. There’s something about the sound of a blaring air horn that just makes people smile. Whether it’s the joy of hearing the horn from the roadside or the sound of air horns at truck shows or events.

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Top 10 Best Selling Truck Air Horns in the UK

Bestseller No. 1
ePathChina 12V / 24V 150db Air Horn, 45cm 17 Inch Super Loud Chrome Zinc Single Trumpet Air Operated...
  • The horn is made of premium-quality materials, hard texture, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, can be used for a long time without deformation.
SaleBestseller No. 2
GAMPRO 24V 150db Air Horn, 45cm Chrome Zinc Single Trumpet Truck Air Horn with Compressor for Any...
  • Material : High quality Chrome Plated ZINC Trumpets(Non-Rusting) Overall
Bestseller No. 3
YIYIDA Air Horn 24V Horn 150dB Car Horn Silver 45cm Loudspeaker Chrome Zinc Single Trumpet Truck...
  • ♥ [Configuration]: Complete product configuration, air horn metal chrome-plated zinc long pipe (not rusty), unique core component 24V air pump*1, length 50mm, air pipe for horn distribution*1, relay...
Bestseller No. 4
YIYIDA Car Horn 24V 165DB Air Horn 45cm Chrome Zinc Double Trumpet black Truck Air Horn with...
  • ✔ High-quality chrome-plated zinc speaker (no rust). High-quality materials ensure maximum strength and durability, and extend service life; 24V air horn kit includes horn, hose, relay, fuse, wiring...
Bestseller No. 5
YIYIDA Car Horn Air Horn 170db Boat Horn Electric Horn 24V Chrome Zinc Horn Silver Trumpet Truck...
  • [High quality material]: made of high quality material, high quality chrome-plated zinc speaker (not rusty), with maximum strength and durability. The air pump adopts large coil, with stronger air...
Bestseller No. 6
Powerful 24V quadruple chrome air horn trumpet truck HDV tractor boat
  • Quadruple Air horn, chrome finished with 4 trumpets, made of zinc and alloy
Bestseller No. 7
YIYDA Air Horn 24V Car Horn Truck Horn 150db Chrome Zinc black Double tube Trumpet loud Car Speaker...
  • ♥ The 24V black double tube horn does not require additional air system. The horn is easy to install, flexible and portable and comes complete with accessories including air pump, hoses, set screws,...
Bestseller No. 8
12V 24V Triple Air Horn Chrome Plated Metal Trumpet Truck Lorry Bus Boat very loud NEW
  • 12V 24V Triple Air Horn Chrome Plated Metal Trumpet Truck Lorry Bus Boat NEW
Bestseller No. 9
12V 24V Single Trumpet Air Horn Chrome 150db Super Loud for Vehicles Trucks Lorrys Trains Boats Cars
  • Ulta high-end corrosion resistant, moisture resistant, and non-rusting, which can ensure maximum protection against all weather conditions and durability for long-lasting usage and reliable working...
Bestseller No. 10
24V 2pcs Chrome Trumpet Air Horns 125 db Super Loud Compatible with HGV Truck Lorry Man Daf Scania E...
  • Ultra high-end corrosion resistant, moisture resistant, and non-rusting, which can ensure maximum protection against all weather conditions and durability for long-lasting usage and reliable working...

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How Air Horns Work

Air Horn Diagram

Pressurised air is forced through a compression chamber which then vibrates a diaphragm the compression chamber is remains pressurised to allow the horn to sound instantly when the horn switch is pressed, when the horn switch is pressed a valve will open and allow the air to be released from the chamber into the horns throat, when the air exits the chamber the diaphragm starts to vibrate and a sound is produced.

The length of the horn and the horn mouth determine the tone and volume that will be created.

Achievable Sound levels

  • 100-120db
  • 120 – 140db
  • 140 – 160db


  • 12 volts
  • 24 volts
  • 12/24 volts

Air horns can be used on various types of vehicles such as trucks, trains, or even in a work environment as a warning sound, such as oil rigs, large factories or stadiums.

Horns can be mounted to a vehicles roof, or within the engine bay with easy to attach fixing brackets.

Wiring Air Horns on a Truck

The air horns on a truck can be wired to sound with the trucks regular horn or can be wired to a seperate switch or button.

Wiring air horns separately can be advantageous because air horns may not be legal in certain areas because of the amount of decibels they produce.

Most truck drivers will fit the trumpet part of the air horns to the roof of the truck cab or onto a roof bar, an air tube will need to be fed to the compressor that provides the air to the horn, it is best practice to locate the compressor as close to the trumpet as possible, some modern truck air horns have the compressor built in to the trumpet section of the horn.

The compressor will be powered electrically by the trucks electrics, this will require wiring it into the horn circuit or wiring it separately to a switch, always read the installation guide that comes with your air horns as installation may vary with different makes of air horns.

Rules and Regulations For Truck Horns

In the UK there are rules regarding the use of horns, it is important that you do not get tempted by musical air horns such as the old dukes of hazzard tune from the eighties, musical air horns are illegal to use on public roads, the sound produced from the air horns on your truck should be a continuous sound, this rule is because multiple sounds such as a tune could be mistaken for emergency vehicle sirens which do have a multiple tonal sound.

Loud noises are restricted in the UK between 11.30 pm and 07.00 am, but a horn can be sounded if it is used as a genuine warning to prevent an accident.

All the information about the up to date road regulations can be found in the UK Highway code booklet.

If a trucks air horn is fitted to your truck it must be in working condition, if an air horn is not working the truck could fail MOT inspection.

Horn Comparisons

The trumpet type horns on a truck are mostly louder than a standard horn fitted to a truck as standard, in fact most reach up to 150 DB which will certainly get the attention of anyone who hears it.

Standard Horn 135DB

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Snail Type Horn 110DB

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Trumpet Air Horn 150DB

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it illegal to use a horn in the UK?

It is illegal to use a horn in the UK on a restricted road such as a road with street lights in a 30 mph limit between the times of 11.30pm and 7.00am.

Can I use a Truck Air Horn if I see a Friend?

No, it would not be legal to blow your horn to get the attention of a friend on the roads of the UK, a horn should only be used as a warning to warn other road users if their is a potential danger to others.

Truck air horns are legal providing they produce a single tone sound, musical air horns are illegal in the UK on public roads but can be used at shows or events.


Truck air horns can provide a louder warning sound to other road users.

Air horns for trucks are powered by electric from the trucks batteries or circuits through a compressor that creates the flow of air required to sound the trumpets.

Musical air horns are not legal on public roads due to them sounding like emergency service vehicles, air horns must have a continuous single sound.

Air horns look cool on truck and truck drivers love them!


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