DAF FAW 8X4 Tridem Truck Perfect for UK Construction Work

The DAF FAW 8X4 Tridem truck rigid HGV Lorry Maximum traction for on/off road operation GVW of 32 tonnes Excellent maneuverability double drive and steered trailing axle. A perfect mix of heavy-duty strength with the ability to be maneuverable in both urban environments and off-road terrain, the DAF FAW 8×4 rigid is a versatile truck that can meet the needs of many transport requirements in the UK.

DAF FAW 8X4 Tridem Maximum Traction

The DAF FAW 8×4 has a lift rear axle as well as rear steer axle, which ensures the maximum traction and maneuverability possible on- or off road.

The DAF FAW suspension system is designed to provide excellent ride comfort for both drivers as well passengers even when driving through rough terrain at speed of up 60 mph (95 km/h).

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DAF FAW 8X4 Tridem Manoeuvrability

The DAF FAW 8×4 tridem has an amazing turning capability making it easy to get in and out of difficult locations.

The truck is perfect for the most arduous tasks like construction work tippers, concrete mixers, Skip lorries and more!

DAF Trucks Built For Drivers

DAF trucks are built with the driver in mind and it is clear that comfort was a key factor when designing this vehicle.

Regularly updated features include improved visibility, ergonomic steering wheel as well stylish interior design which makes driving easier than ever before!

The DAF FAW has an amazing turning capability making them perfect for difficult situations like construction work tippers or concrete mixers. The truck also includes regular updates such as enhanced views to improve safety while on-road, ergonomically designed seats capable of being adapted according to user’s needs (height adjustable), and modernized cabin designs providing maximum style inside and out!

The DAF FAWs can be customized to include either the CF or XF cab, and all cabs sit on a four-point mechanical suspension with air as an option.

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DAF Trucks

DAF trucks are unique in that they are the only major commercial vehicle manufacturer producing its vehicles here in the UK, with its factory located in Leyland.

DAF is also unique in that nearly all of the 15,000 or more trucks produced each year registered in the UK were built at DAF’s manufacturing facility in Leyland.

As a leading UK-based company, DAF has consistently set industry standards across the board.

DAFs transport range is internationally known for its advanced designs, low operating costs, and superior levels of driver comfort.

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