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There are many products available if you are Scania Truck Driver and Scania Merchandise can make you and your truck look really cool.

Scania trucks have a great range of vehicles so if your driving any of the following there is sure to be some great trucking products to meet your needs.

Firstly lets list the most popular trucks in the Scania Range.

Scania Series Trucks

Scania R – P and T Series trucks

This range was first launched with the R-series on 31 March 2004, replacing the R94, R114, R124 and R164 of the 4-series.

The range had 65 percent of the same components as its predecessors, but with a new cab design, new interior and great technical improvements.

Full-scale production started in Sweden in April, also in the  Netherlands in May and in France in June.

At launch the range was available with Euro III engines, but with a 420 hp Euro IV engine available from September.

On the 20th of August, the Scania P and T series were launched, completing the new truck range and replacing the rest of the 4-series models.

The new models made their public debut at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover in late September.

Production of the 4-series was continued at the Scania Latin America plant in Brazil, but from October 2004 relaunched as the Evolution Series, featuring the new engines of the PRT-range and the same new model designation, but with the old 4-series cabs.

A year later in October 2005, Scania decided to discontinue the bonneted T-series, having lost its market share over the years.

Over the last decade sales had been halved in Europe and gone down 90 percent in Latin America.

In 2004, less than one thousand bonneted Scania trucks were sold worldwide, meaning there was no longer a market for it.

In late 2006, Scania launched a new low-entry version of the P-series cab, known as the CP19E, specially intended for garbage trucks, where the driver needs to get in and out quickly.

This cab was targeted as a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz Econic.

In September 2007, Scania launched the all-new G-series, with a cab height between the P-series and the R-series.

On the 9th of October 2007, the new range was also launched in Latin America, featuring all three P-, G- and R-series from the start.

In April 2008, Scania unveiled their first ethanol-powered (ED95) trucks, having manufactured ethanol-powered buses for nearly twenty years.

On the 17th of September 2009, an upgraded R-series was launched with many new features including a sharper exterior styling with larger grille openings, new interior details including the possibility of a factory-installed coffeemaker.

The new version featured the Scania Opticruise gear system with automatic clutch and a driver support system.

The G-series received the upgrade shortly afterwards, and the P-series during 2011.

In April 2010, Scania launched a new version of its V8 engine, allowing a maximum output of 730 hp and 3500 N·m in trucks, and preparing for the future Euro VI emission requirements, the new R 730 then became one of the most powerful large-scale production truck in the world, only to be surpassed by the Volvo FH16 750 (750 hp, 3550 N·m) in September 2011.

The Scania XT

Introduced in September 2017, the Scania XT-range was the first independently tailor-made construction model.

It features a rugged styling and an all-new heavy duty bumper which extends 150 millimetres from the front of the cab with an improved approach angle and reinforced ribbed rear view mirrors instead of standard ones.

It can be distinguished by the one-piece bumper, headlight protection, robust mirror casings and a high air intake.

These features provided additional operational durability and combine to give a distinct and rugged visual identity.

The bumper also incorporates an easily accessible towing device located behind the fold-able registration plate holder.

It is certified for 40 tonnes, enabling the vehicle to pull other vehicles and equipment as well as to be towed when needed.

Other features include slip proof steps, XT branded seats and high-edge rubber mats, and to further set the XT range apart a number of exterior and interior options.

XT models are available with a variety of options to improve safety and efficiency.

EBS with discs or drums, new two-leaf parabolic front springs and enlarged wheel housings to accommodate larger than normal wheel/tyre combinations, can be specified together with two different vertical exhaust stack options.

Its progressive application means it will automatically activate at low speed when the driver’s safety belt is undone or the door is opened.

In conjunction with the electronic parking brake, hill hold had been enhanced by the removal of a time limit for its activation, and automatic re-application in stop-start traffic queues.

Scania Merchandise

Below are some examples of Scania Merchandise available from clothing, gifts and accessories to truck enhancements and customisation.

Scania Type Clothing

Scania Gifts

Scania Accessories

Scania Customisation

Scania Trucks are a great drive for any truck driver and to make your clothing and your truck stand out from the crowd British trucking will always provide a great selection of products for Scania Truck Drivers.

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