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Best Camping Stove for Truck Drivers

Best Camping Stove

Truck drivers who have to spend nights out in the cab need a perfect solution to cooking a meal, especially if they cannot park in a services area and have to park up for the night in a lay-by on the side of the road, having the best camping stove for making a meal is crucial to be able to eat healthily and have a proper meal each day.

How many times have we tried to make it to a service area! ran out of Tacho time and been forced to park your truck for the night in a lay-by, there is no reason why you can’t cook yourself a great meal and eat healthily.

British Trucking Best Camping Stove for truck drivers has to be the Campinggaz Chef folding Compact Stove which incorporates 2 burners, and a grill which folds up neatly into a perfect carry case for storing easily in your truck.

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Many truck drivers put on weight by eating the wrong foods, picking at a sandwich box all day long then eating fast food from a services, just because your away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods.

All that is needed to ensure a healthy meal each day is a means to cook your favorite foods, your food can be stored in a cool box or even tinned foods can be easily heated up for a nourishing meal.

CampingGaz Chef Folding Stove

Firstly the Campinggaz folding stove is perfect for cooking many types of meals, If you are parked up for the night you can simply pull out the stove open the case and it pops up into a perfect cooking appliance to make a tasty meal outdoors.


  • Two 1.5kw fully adjustable burners.
  • One 1.5kw downwards Burner.
  • Compact Practical and easy to use.
  • Cooks Meals Quickly.
  • Folds away into its case.
  • Piezo Starter for easy ignition.
  • Toast Rack and Drip Tray with Handle.

The stove simply connects to a recommended Campinggaz gas bottle by means of regulator and hose the gas is available Worldwide which makes it perfect for truck drivers.

For easy storage the stove folds together and even has a carry handle, it is strong and durable making it perfect for truck drivers wanting to cook food in there rest periods.

Best Camping Stove – British Trucking

Best camping stove for truck drivers british trucking

Gas Safety for Trucking

A gas bottle should be stored correctly to maintain safety cylinders should be secured so they cannot move around when you are travelling an important point is they should always be kept upright, the reason for keeping a gas bottle in an upright position is to stop the liquid gas clogging the valve.

If your truck has storage compartment outside of the cab this would be the best place to store the cylinder use a rubber strap or strong bungee chord to keep it in place (always store upright).

Mark your storage compartment with a sticker stating it contains Gas, this is beneficial in the event of an accident where emergency services will want to know it is there.

The risk from a small camping type cylinder is quite low but common sense tells you to take precautions where necessary.

Always cook your food outside of a vehicle where it is safe to do, never use a live flame burner within your cab.

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