Best Gifts for truck drivers

best gift ideas for truck drivers

Firstly if you are looking for Great trucking gift ideas for maybe a birthday, fathers day, mothers day, Christmas or just to say that you care! then below you will find our top 10 gifts that any trucker would love to receive some of the best gifts for truck drivers to ensure a big smile.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

There are many things that a truck driver would like to have in their cab or as personal belongings but very often you will find a truck driver works long hours and doesn’t always have the time to go out looking for all the cool things that would really make driving a truck much more enjoyable and in many cases easier.

Take a look at some great options below the best gifts for truck drivers are items that will really make a difference to truckers working day or night.

Number One Top Choice

TV for Truck

If your gift is for a truck driver who spends long lonely nights out on the road then a 12 volt TV for his or her truck would be an excellent choice, nights out in a truck can be very boring especially if you have to park in a lay-by overnight or during your rest break. A TV in the Truck makes any night out more enjoyable, If you are a trucker and you haven’t got one yet then this would be a top choice gift to ask for.

See some great 12v TV options below

Number Two Best gift ideas for truck driver

Cool Box

Truck drivers spend many hours a day in their cab and a cool box is essential for keeping food and drinks fresh in a very hot truck cab, cool boxes come in different shapes and sizes some require ice packs, and others are powered by the onboard 12v socket in the cab or a power inverter, a great gift option that any trucker would love to receive.

See some great Cool box options below

Number three gift idea for truck driver


Truck driver’s clothing is available in many types health and safety clothing is mostly issued these days by employers so my choice of truck drivers clothing is more for casual wear and most truck drivers have a great sense of humor, in fact driving on the roads in Britain it is essential.

See some great truck driver clothing ideas below

Number four trucking gift idea


A truck drivers day is a long one and having the right footwear is important, company issue boots are usually basic and uncomfortable so a great pair of boots, shoes or trainers for when maybe parked up for the night would be a great gift idea.

See some great footwear options for truckers below

Number Five truck driver gift Idea


Sunglasses make an excellent gift for any driver at any time of year in the Winter you get very low sun which dazzles you and in the Summer it is so bright that without driving sunglasses your vision is very poor.

See some great driving Sunglasses options below

Number Six handy truck driver gift

Dash Cam

Truck drivers are on the road all hours of the day and night it is amazing what they see on their travels around the country Dashcam footage of their journey is great if something unusual happens, On my travels, I have seen all sorts of things like vintage cars, trucks, and buses to animals in the road, and accidents.

Dashcams in the event of an accident will identify what actually happened and is useful for insurance companies, the business you work for, and captures all factors of incidents even if they don’t actually involve you.

Dash Cams are a great gift if a truck driver does not yet own one.

See some great Dash Cam options below

Number Seven truck driver gift option

Hands Free Kit

Mobile phones are used all over the haulage industry to keep informed of any changes to loads and to make contact with friends and loved ones whilst out driving on the roads delivering your goods, a hands-free kit is very useful for obvious reasons as it is dangerous and illegal to drive using a mobile phone, not only is this a great gift choice but hands-free kits are also the safest option for any truck driver.

See some great Hands Free kit options below

Number Eight great gift for truck driver

CB Radio

CB Radios are becoming more popular than ever with truck drivers especially useful for keeping informed about traffic and accidents further on down the road, a CB Radio is also great fun and helps to pass the day away, a great gift choice for a truck driver “Breaker Breaker”!

See some great CB Radio options below

Number Nine very useful gift idea for truck driver

12 volt kettle

Trucking is tiring and it is always great when you take a break from the road for a while but parked in a lay-by towards the end of your shift when your thermos flask is lukewarm a 12-volt kettle can help you enjoy a nicely made fresh cuppa, any truck driver would love to have a 12-volt kettle with them when out on the road, simply keep a few bottles of bottled water with you, some tea bags, coffee, sugar, and powdered milk and you will always have a hot drink on the road, a 12-volt kettle can also be used to make porridge pots, pot noodles, and cuppa soups during cold days out in the truck.

See some great 12 volt Kettle ideas below

Number Ten truck drivers gift idea

Phone Holder

Most trucks these days have limited places to put a mobile phone so a good phone holder is a great gift idea for truckers many phone holders now give a truck driver options to place their phone in a more convenient place in the cab keeping the phone safe and out of the way.

See some great phone holder options below

Being a truck driver I know that all job types are different for example if you are a daily driver that starts a shift at say 7.00 am in the morning and finish most days at 5.00 pm then a truck TV is probably not an item you would require but a phone holder would be a great asset to your working day.

If you are a truck driver that may do one or two nights out a week then the Truck TV would be the best gift ever!

Recently I invested in truck TV for my truck and I could not believe how much better it made my nights out in a truck, although I was not at home it made me feel so much more comfortable by watching TV shows I would normally watch at home, the TV made the job much better being able to pass away some hours before going to sleep, I have put a truck TV as my number one best gifts for truck drivers choice.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for truck drivers

Thank you for reading this Article “Best gifts for truck drivers” if you would like to leave a comment on your views please do so below.


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