M5 Roadworks delay disruption expected till 2019

The M5 Roadworks are a major problem to all truck drivers using that route with long delays affecting a drivers working day by up to 2 hours at busy times of the day.

The work started on the M5 in January 2017 and was due for completion in the Autumn of 2018, but repair works have been delayed due to the carriageway being in a worse state of repair than expected.

Bad weather has also delayed the M5 Roadworks with this in mind it is now expected that completion will be in Spring 2019.

Dash Cam Footage M5 Roadworks Truck drivers drive through

See how long it takes to navigate the roadworks from the M6 Junction 5 Southbound to the end of the roadworks in a Scania Truck.

Highways Timeline

  • Work started January 2017
  • Public information events held March 2017
  • 3 narrow lanes installed between Junctions 1 and 2 with 40mph speed limit on the viaduct April 2017
  • Contraflow system installed and start of concrete work August 2017
  • Target completion for work and removal of contraflow system Autumn 2018
  • Completion due to delays Spring 2019

Why the M5 Roadworks scheme was needed according to the Highways Agency

The M5 is one of the busiest routes in the country, carrying a mix of traffic through the Midlands and onwards to routes in the north and south.

This section of the M5 motorway is particularly busy, and is a commuter hub with traffic joining with the M6 and then other roads into and out of the Birmingham hub, and other cities in the region.

Oldbury viaduct carries approximately 1.8 miles (3km) of the elevated sections of the M5 to the west of Birmingham between junctions 1 and 2.

The structure is safe, but we need to carry out essential repair work to the waterproofing on this section to ensure that drivers continue to have safe and reliable journeys.

This is the largest concrete repair project ever undertaken in the UK.

This work is part of a major government investment to build a modern and resilient road network.

By maintaining this key corridor we are delivering a huge investment that will support economic growth locally and in the wider West Midlands.

Details of the M5 Roadworks scheme

Through the West Midlands, various parts of the M5 are on elevated sections, or viaducts, constructed from concrete in the late 1960’s.

The Oldbury viaduct carries 120,000 vehicles a day through Sandwell.

As the number of vehicles has increased, so has the amount of maintenance ne

cessary to keep this road safe and open to traffic.

This scheme is the largest concrete repair project ever undertaken in the UK.

In order to carry out concrete repair and joint replacement works safely, it is necessary to scaffold under most of the 1.8 miles long, 30 metres wide viaduct.

All the scaffolding will then be encapsulated in polythene to prevent the escape of water, dust and debris.

The local area around Oldbury has a number of small and large businesses, and varying leisure/shopping destinations, all relying on the road network.

The time on site has been limited to the absolute minimum and planned programme put in place so that the closure of these roads is not required.

To further reduce resulting congestion on local roads the M5 will be kept open, along with junctions 1 and 2 entry slip roads as much as possible, with no daytime closures.

The work is complicated and needs a great deal of planning and safety considerations.

To make sure the viaduct stays safe during the work and provide the greatest flexibility for repairs and programme, it is vital that one carriageway at a time is repaired.

To enable this, a contraflow system is in place between M5 junctions 1 and 2 with all traffic now using the northbound carriageway with 2 narrow lanes operating in each direction and a 30mph speed restriction.

“Personally I wonder what the cost has been to local business and the cost to the transport industry with having to endure delays for such a long period of time”.

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