British Trucking Job opportunities

How to find British Trucking Job Opportunities

Firstly starting out as a truck driver can be a very frustrating time, you have completed all your training which includes Theory, Practical, CPC and medical only to find a brick wall in front of you when looking for a British trucking Job.

Looking on job sites is obviously an important place to start your search but we all know most adverts on a job site state that the minimum experience needed is 1 year or even longer in some cases.

Sell yourself to a potential employer

Don’t let the British trucking job adverts put you off applying even if they say minimum experience 1 year or more.

An employer is looking for a person to fulfill a role in there Company and if you find a job that would in your opinion be the right one for you then don’t just click past it because it states minimum requirements.

Many job sites give direct contact telephone numbers giving you the opportunity to speak to a potential employer directly.

With this in mind it gives you a great chance to sell yourself to them and make them believe your worth a try.

There are many ways you can get your foot in the door why not try telling the employer you would be prepared to work for a day free of charge and be assessed by another driver in there Company.

Make a list of personal experience even if it does not relate to the main job description, for example you may have first aid training or completed training of other kinds in a previous job that would let an employer know your prepared to put in the effort in whatever role you undertake.

Let an employer know that you are a good timekeeper and that you always give 100% effort to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Try to talk to the employer confidently, write down key points and practice them before engaging in the phone call so your call is not full of errrrr! emmmm! moments at the end of each topic of conversation.

Selling yourself as a good person and someone who is prepared to make the call, will go along way in satisfying an employers confidence in giving you a trial run.

Have an up to date CV ready in case you get an interview at short notice.

Be Prepared for Anything

Employers usually have a list of criteria they need to satisfy when taking on a new employee so make sure you do your research, find out all about the job role you are applying for and make sure it is the right position for you before engaging in conversation.

Make notes of likely questions an employer will ask you so your not caught off guard.

An employer may just throw in random questions like “you may be required to work weekends”? I am sure if your reply was “I’m not doing that I have footy practice on a Saturday” it would probably ruin your chances of success.

A job may require extra training for example you may be driving a truck with a Hi-Ab, Moffett or tail lift, you may also be required to use straps or sheets.

Tell the employer you are prepared to do any relevant training required and make them believe they would not be wasting there time and money investing in you.

Key Points

  • Don’t skip adverts with minimum requirements
  • Sell Yourself
  • Make Notes before contacting the employer
  • Research the job thoroughly
  • Be prepared for any questions you may be asked
  • Tell the employer you would be prepared to complete all required training
  • Make the employer know your worth investing in

There are many good job sites for searching on the internet some of which include

Indeed – ReedTruckingJobs

Try searching social media like Facebook groups for truck driving jobs, you will be surprised by the opportunities that will come your way, join the groups and let them know your location and ask if someone is prepared to give you a try, very often you will get other members pointing you in the right direction of somewhere you can gain experience.

Don’t always jump at the first job offered via social media, you need to make sure the job role is still suited to you and meets your requirements! otherwise you will not be happy in the job role.

Truck Driving Tools of the trade

If you get a trial or a permanent truck driving job make sure you find out what the company issues you with and what they expect you to provide.

You may be required to provide your own safety clothing although most companies will issue you with this, you may require a Sat Nav or be expected to bring your own safety boots.

Don’t be embarrassed on your first day by not having everything you need to do the job so make sure you ask in advance.

Good luck with your Job hunting I hope this article has helped you with British Trucking Job Opportunities but most of all don’t give up, always remain positive and make any employer think you would be a great addition to there Company as a British Truck Driver.

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