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Daily Walk Around Checks on a HGV

Daily walk around checks on a HGV

Firstly performing daily walk around checks on a HGV Truck is an important part of any truck drivers working day ensuring the vehicle is safe to take out onto the road and that your load is secure and will not move in transit.

Recently I completed a CPC Course as part of my 35 hrs which has to be completed over a 5 year period, on the CPC Course we found out that things are going to change dramatically with regards to the daily vehicle checks.

Daily Walk Around Checks on a HGV set to change!

Apparently in the near future all truck drivers will have to download an app onto there mobile phones or company phones to perform there vehicle checks, you will need to login to the app enter the details of the vehicle, Registration number, mileage etc.

After doing this you will then need to walk around your vehicle completing the app in order to continue your daily work with that vehicle.

Defect books will be a thing of the past by completing the app, it will be linked to the DVSA and to your place of work where the maintenance department will be able to login and see if any defects are entered.

These types of systems are already being used across the UK using apps such as Fleet Check, Checked Safe and R2C to name a few, feedback from users of this technology is positive.

I am assuming that defects such as a bulb or anything that can be repaired by the driver before setting out can be entered into the app as work carried out.

The App is believed to have GPS Technology that will show that you have actually completed this process to avoid for instance somebody sitting in a cab and just filling the app in, so they have high safety procedures in place.

When defects are found you would need to photograph the defect and upload it to the app for the workshop to see the problem.

Brexit has delayed the the introduction of the App based daily vehicle checks so be prepared for changes once we know what is happening officially with our departure from the European Union.

By complying to the App based daily vehicle checks the operator will earn recognition by the DVSA and would make there vehicles less likely to be stopped when out on the roads.

My worries for this system being rolled out as standard procedure would be that technology is not yet advanced enough to cope with an apps based system in all parts of the Country, how many times do we have no signal on our phones, this would mean drivers would not be able to connect with the App?

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about the App based daily walk around checks on a HGV please comment below with any opinions you have about the new proposed system.

2 thoughts on “Daily Walk Around Checks on a HGV

  1. There are people that still do not have a smart phone and you also have to account for agency drivers that may need to have multiple systems on a phone to cover all the customers they get sent to.
    Only real way round this would be for fleets to issue phones to drivers and very few do these days

  2. I drive hgvs for a living and yes I understand things change in the retrospect how we do things and I completely agree this would be a great idea and I am behind this 100% I will have no problem doing this

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