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Truckfest North West

Truckfest Northwest British Trucking

Firstly Truckfest North West is part of one of the largest series of truck show events in Europe, The event offers access to the whole truck and road haulage industry including owner-drivers and operators including some of the largest fleets in the United Kingdom.

The Truckfest Northwest event was held on the Cheshire Showground at Knutsford with a massive turnout of trucks.

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Daily Walk Around Checks on an HGV

daily walk around check on an hgv truck in the uk

Firstly performing daily walk-around checks on an HGV Truck is an important part of any truck drivers working day ensuring the vehicle is safe to take out onto the road and that your load is secure and will not move in transit.

Recently I completed a CPC Course as part of my 35 hrs which has to be completed over a 5 year period, on the CPC Course we found out that things are going to change dramatically with regards to the daily vehicle checks.

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