Lightweight Work Boots for Truck Driving

Firstly as we know working in warm weather can make it very uncomfortable for your feet, finding a good pair of Lightweight work boots is important!

Lightweight work boots

Lorry Drivers have many duties to carry out during a working day, driving a truck is only a part of these duties so finding the correct footwear can make a big difference to your comfort and well-being.

There are many safety boots available but in summer months a pair of lightweight boots will allow you to work much easier with not only protection, they will stop your feet overheating and becoming sore.

Depending on the type of job you carry out I have listed below some great lightweight boot options for various working environments.

Protecting your Feet

Standard issue work boots can cause your feet to overheat and sweat during summer months especially in very hot conditions.

If your truck driving day involves doing strenuous work that requires a lot of movement, it will certainly make matters worse.

Sweaty feet tend to rub and chafe and develop nasty painful blisters, sweat and rubbing can also cause skin irritations and athlete’s foot.

Obtaining a pair of work boots that are suitable for hot weather is almost a necessity.

Lightweight work boots will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable, as well as cool and fresh during even the most extreme heat conditions.

  • Lightweight – Hot weather work boots are made from breathable, and light materials that will keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Comfort – Comfort features that any pair of work boots have.
  • Protective – Features such as the steel toe, waterproof material, and rubber soles can all be found in comfortable summer work boots.

Having cool and dry feet will also help to keep your body cooler and give you comfort significantly improving your work performance during hot weather conditions.

Low Lightweight Work Boots

Truck Drivers that remain on solid surfaces such as travelling from a depot to a warehouse or similar could take advantage of wearing safety trainer style work boots which are lightweight and comfortable.

Black Hammer Safety Trainers Lightweight Toe Cap and Kevlar Mid sole, designed to be comfortable.

You can wear them for a 12-hour shift without feeling a sense of fatigue or discomfort.

Ankle Protection Lightweight Boots

For Truck drivers who’s job needs a little more ankle protection maybe delivering to building sites or a more rugged terrain then a lightweight ankle boot would be a great idea in hot weather.

Caterpillar Lightweight Work Boots with Composite Toe & Midsole Protection, with the Latest Innovations & Technology For everyday comfort.

Fully Composite Lightweight Safety Boot Non Metal Safety Toe Cap & Midsole ERGO EVA Superior Comfort Moisture Wicking with Removeable Insole SRX Rubber Outsole +Superb Slip Resistance.

High Protection Lightweight Boots

Truck drivers who have the task of dealing with very rugged or even encounter water or deep mud on farms or quarry’s may need a longer boot for protection, but in hot weather a pair of lightweight boots would be an advantage.

Dickies Trenton Pro Safety work boots Waterproof Steel Toe Cap, anti-penetration underfoot protection, Anti-static.

Breathable textile lining with a padded collar and tongue for comfort and a energy absorbing sole.

Should I have more than One pair of Boots?

Having an extra pair of work boots and socks for summer is always an advantage and will help in keeping your feet cool and comfortable during the sunny season.

When you are exposed to high temperatures keeping your feet cool can help to reduce the body’s temperature, a pair of lightweight work boots that are breathable can help to attain this.

Also when travelling to work and returning home after a shift wear a pair of shoes, trainers or sandals this will reduce your time in a pair of boots for up to 2 hrs a day.

Thank you for reading this article “Lightweight Work Boots for Truck Driving” If you would like to leave a comment or any tips you may have for hot weather please do so below.

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