Truck Drivers Who Cycle to Work Types of Bikes and Accessories

British truck drivers who cycle to work have a variety of options when it comes to bikes and accessories. If you’re a British truck driver who cycles to work, then this article is for you! In this article, we will discuss the different types of bicycles that are available for truck drivers, as well as the best accessories that could help make your cycling experience better. We hope these tips will help you on your commute to work.

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Choosing The Best Bicycle for Cycling to Work

The first thing you need to consider is the type of bike that fits best for your commute. If there are any hills or rough lanes near where you live, a mountain bicycle would be ideal for this type of commute because it can handle rougher terrain and has higher gearing than most other types of bikes so they’re great if you need high speeds as well! For those who have shorter commutes with no steep inclines in their way- say around five miles round trip -a road commuter may work better since these bikes will typically cost less money.

Mountain Bikes

The Mountain bike is a great choice for those who live in hilly areas or have a longer commute since they can handle any terrain thrown at them.

Mountain bikes are also more durable and comfortable than other types of cycles, making them perfect to ride long distances if you need to!

Unfortunately, mountain bike tires will cost extra money if you were to get a puncture or the tire needs replacing because the tread is designed specifically so that riders won’t get stuck on gravel roads like some others might.

But if you can afford to replace the tires then this bike is perfect for getting on any terrain!

The seat will be more comfortable than other bikes because of its ergonomic design and if you are like me a little overweight and in need of exercise the seat is important.

Mountain bikes can also have suspension, this is a really good thing to have on the bike because it will help you with any bumps and rough patches of road.

Lights are also important if cycling at night or early morning, so make sure that your mountain bikes have lights. (see bicycle accessories further down this article).

Most truck drivers who cycle to work use a mountain bike in the UK.

So let’s take a look at some great mountain bike options perfect for a commute to work.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are better for going on roads and paved paths. They have thinner tires which make them faster than mountain bike options but they don’t handle rough terrain as well because of their thin tire design so it’s important to avoid dirt trails with a road bicycle, best option is if you can find an alternate way that has fewer bumps or any other obstacles in the path!

These types will come equipped differently depending upon what make, size of bike frame, or budget you choose.

Because there is no suspension as such you can easily fit a travel rack which is handy for carrying items you might need as a truck driver.

A road bike with straight handlebars would be better for commuting to work as racing bike handlebars can give you backache having to lean over the bars for a long period of time.

A more upright position can also help to reduce neck and shoulder pain from hunching over too much when you’re cycling your bike on roads or paved paths.

Most road bikes are fitted with a narrower seat to a mountain bike but these can easily be swapped to something more comfortable such as a gel seat.

Let’s take a look at some awesome road bikes that would be great for commuting to work.

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike is the best type of bicycle for truck drivers. They offer plenty in terms of versatility when it comes to different types and terrain but can be heavier than some other bikes due to their larger frame, which means you will need a strong set-up if your cycling route includes hills or tough paths.

The hybrid bicycle is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, basically a road bike with chunky tires.

Hybrid bikes are becoming more popular because they can be multi-functional in use, great for commuting but also fun for days off work too.

Let’s take a look at some amazing hybrid bicycle options.

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Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are a great option if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and versatile bike that can be stored in the boot of your car. They come with many options when it comes to gearing, suspension or even carrying capacity so they cater really well as being suitable not just on city streets but also country lanes too. Some models offer electric assistance which is perfect especially in hilly areas where cycling downhill would normally make this difficult!

A folding bicycle is also a great option for truck drivers who might be out all week in the truck, if you have room to store your bike somewhere on your truck it will allow you to ride to local shops when parked up overnight on break. Folding bicycles are really easy to store and you can easily take them on public transport too.

Let’s take a look at some really good folding bike options.

Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle accessories allow you to customise how your bike works best for you, introducing add-ons to accessorise your bike will improve the benefits you get out of it.

Mudguards are great for preventing the dirt and mud you might get from your bike to protect delicate clothing items while cycling on wet days!  Some of our favorite accessories include panniers which allow truck drivers who cycle, or any cyclist in general really!, greater flexibility when riding by allowing them more space than just with their backpacks; water bottle holders are perfect for drinks to keep you refreshed on a hot summer’s day.

Let’s take a look at some great bike accessories perfect for commuting.

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Cycling To Work in The Dark

Cycling to work when it’s dark is not a great experience for anyone in the UK with obstacles like potholes, drain covers, and poorly lit roads.

It is essential to have good quality bicycle lights to ensure you can see where you are riding safely.

British Trucking has selected the best bicycle lights that will perform well when riding a bicycle to work.

Bright Bicycle Lights 3300 Lumens

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Bright Bicycle Lights 4 Modes

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Super Bright Bicycle Lights 5000 Lumens

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I hope you enjoyed this British Trucking article “Truck Drivers who cycle to work types of bikes and accessories” useful if you ride a bike to work why not leave a comment below telling us about the experiences you have had commuting to work on a bicycle.