The Volvo FH Truck – Hi-Tech Features For The Long Haul

The Volvo FH truck is one of the most technologically advanced trucks on the road today. With a bold new cab, adaptive beam headlights, and intuitive interface, this truck has everything you need for long days on the open road. The new dual battery system will keep your equipment running efficiently at all times, with round-the-clock real-time monitoring to make sure your cargo arrives safely at its destination. You’ll be in good hands with this truck!

The Volvo FH Exterior

The new shape has a smoother profile and an iconic design with amazing aerodynamics. Even when parked waiting to load, it’s obvious that this truck is built for efficiency at a high pace. Adaptive high beam lights keeping a clear vision for the driver but then reducing its beam to oncoming traffic, The Volvo FH truck will not just turn wheels for you it will turn heads too!

The Volvo FH Truck Interior

The feeling of evolution is present in the Volvo FH cab which most certainly makes it one of the best trucks on the road. Fully adaptable digital dash display to help the driver focus totally on the road ahead. Added open storage compartments and everything the driver requires is at easy reach.

Volvo FH Video

Engine Options in a Volvo FH Truck

  • D13K – 420, 460, 500, 540 HP
  • G13C – 420, 460 HP

Cab Choices for The Volvo FH Truck

  • Sleeper Cab
  • Low Sleeper Cab
  • Globetrotter Cab
  • Globetrotter XL Cab
  • Globetrotter XXL Cab

Cool Features

I-Save – saving fuel and bringing down fuel consumption on long haul trips, due to turbo compound technology giving amazing torque.

Dynamic Steering – giving total control even at low speeds with stability and reduced strain for the driver.

Smart Road Sign Recognition – giving a driver two pairs of eyes especially on busy roads.

Dual Battery System – Making sure there is always power to start the vehicle.

Ergonomic Gear Selector – Narrow design for an easy shift a space-saving in the cab

Volvo Trucks UK

Volvo trucks have been on the roads since 1928, over the years Volvo has become one of the major players in road haulage in the United Kingdom.

Volvo is renowned for reliability and always maintain their three core values which are quality, safety, and environmental care.

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